DC’s Villians Month issues all sold out


DC Comics 3d covers for Villian’s month have sold out through Diamond Comics Distributors. Not only are they sold out, but they are going to be allocated in stores. Normally when a book sells out at Diamond, you can still find them in stores. With the 3d covers, you might not be able to find them in stores. Seems that DC had to limit the number of comics ordered due to the time it takes to produce these covers. Demand way surpassed supply and now stores are scrambling to re-order these comics. The problem is, they have already gone off to printer. So DC’s solution is to print more 1st print books, minus the 3d cover. The books are going back to the printer for a second print with the 3d covers, but the will be second prints.

Get your orders in early for these books because they will disappear (think of the early Death of the Family die cut covers.) Listed below are links to TFAW which has them all for pre-order at 20% off.
Action Comics #23.1 Cyborg Superman
Action Comics #23.2 Zod
Batman #23.1 Joker
Batman #23.2 Riddler
Batman And Robin #23.1 Two Face
Batman The Dark Knight #23.1 Ventriloquist
Detective Comics #23.1 Poison Ivy
Earth 2 #15.1 Desaad
Flash #23.1 Grodd
Green Arrow #23.1 Count Vertigo
Green Lantern #23.1 Relic
Justice League #23.1 Darkseid
Justice League Dark #23.1 Creeper
Justice League of America #7.1 Deadshot
Superman #23.1 Bizarro
Aquaman #23.1 Black Manta

Full list can be found here.

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  1. What’s going on with this? I hear there will be a low print run. My first instinct is to hit the 3d batman and action #1 covers. Is this not the case?

    1. The problem is the cost of the cover increased production cost overall. So Dc went by initial orders and are not over printing or waiting for advanced reorders. Basically they picked a number and went with it. I would say to get the big ones and try to pick up any of the lower tier books as well. I think supply is going to be way smaller than demand, especially once people see how cool they are.

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    2. They all will have a low print run. They are allocated at the store level, based on what the normal orders for the books are. I know Things from another World has not cut off their pre-orders yet. http://shrsl.com/?~3zm3 and are still taking orders. There will be a second printing with the 3-d cover as well.

  2. Nevermind. Sorry, can’t edit posts, but basically there are several covers in mind here that seem like a safe quick flip. However, I’d be weary that anything would be long term. Your thoughts?

    1. Agreed. Kind of. Look at what happened with the initial Batman Death of the Family die cut covers. They shot up quick but leveled off. The later covers never picked up because the orders were increased at Advanced Reorder time. This will not happen with these. The 3D covers have already been printed and it is a limited print run. The advanced reorders are mostly going to be filled with non-3D covers.

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  3. Hey Comicflipper, which 3-D’s do you personally think will have a lower print run and higher demand. I’m sure the Batmans, Tec’s and Actions will have a huge print run. However I’m guessing Suicide Squad/Swamp Thing/Red Hood/Animal Man ( have typically lower prints) will have a greater demand because of relative less supply of these prints. Other than those four mentioned, I don’t foresee any demand for the others…do you?

      1. Hey Comicflipper, I put in my pre-orders at TFAW…however, if they’re unable to fulfill the 3d versions of the first prints, I’ll cancel and will have to hunt for them some place else. I took upon your recommendations.


  4. Received notification from TFAW. Lost my 3d joker’s daugher cover :-(, LOL. I’ll have to look elsewhere. The following books have been oversold.

    Batman: The Dark Knight #23.1
    Ventriloguist (Sept. 4)
    Batman: The Dark Knight #23.4
    Joker’s Daughter (Sept. 25)
    Justice League of America #7.1
    Deadshot (Sept. 4)
    Justice League #23.2 Lobo (Sept. 11)
    Justice League #23.3
    Dial E (Sept. 18) Justice League #23.4
    Secret Society (Sept. 25)

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