Sheltered #1 Print run

One of the recent books I have been very intrigued by has been Shelter #1. Labeled as a Pre-apocalypse story, it follows survivalists preparing for the worst, and getting something completely unexpected. the print run for Sheltered #1 was 21,055. About average for newer Image books.

6 thoughts on “Sheltered #1 Print run”

  1. Any idea what the print run for Peter Panzerfaust #1 (first print) is? I’m just trying to put these numbers into perspective in case a show does become finalized. Thanks!

      1. Yeah, that does help. I have a couple signed and CGC slabbed and I’m waiting for that show. But 4,000 > 20000.

        I’m trying to figure out what 2nd prints to pick up. IE: Ghosted, Wild Blue Yonder, etc. With a 20000 print runs, if a series gets picked up, the 2nd run is usually a lot lower. Not sure if it will generate the same demand as the first print.

        This is the part that has me stumped as I don’t want to throw away 3.99 here and there on 2nd prints. Thanks!

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