East of West #5 sells out of print run



East of West #5 is sold out at the distributor level. This does not mean that you cannot buy it in stores, it means once they are gone your retailer cannot order more 1st prints. This book is going back for a reprint. East of West has been hot but hasn’t generated a lot of buzz on the secondary market. I think that is going to change. The book had a print run of 41,000 copies.

From Image’s press release

“Adding to the excitement, the latest installment of the worldwide phenomenon The Walking Dead #113 by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard has also sold out, as well as Image’s newest hit series, East of West #5 from Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta. These sell-outs mark a banner week in a year full of milestones and accomplishments for each of these series and creator-owned comics as a whole.”

“East of West continues to escalate in both tension and scale; there are no compromises in this book” – Jen Aprahamian, ComicVine


East of West 5 can still be purchased at Things from Another World and Amazon

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  1. My usual comic store told me more than half of theirs were damaged upon arrival and were sent back. This seems to be ongoing for the Austin area and this series, seems the past 3 issues it’s hard to find them in NM/M condition. Issue 3 had some type of press roller issue on the front cover, two stores were affected, a third had about 2/3 of theirs affected, searching the stack for NM/M issues was painful.

      1. Since there is no print run, may want to buy more than 1 copy. While 40,000 is still a modest large print run, issue 5 could be a seeked out issue in another few years or less, if this thing takes off in extreme. I can see this being adapted to a TV show/Film (live/animation). I don’t know, just my speculation instincts. Your thoughts?

        1. I agree orders were actually down for 5 and up for 6. Image decided not to reprint it and use the trade paper back strategy for it. Issue 6 will be incentivized.

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