DC Villains Month end of day one

Spoke to a couple of the East Coasts larger comic shops and they seemed to be saying the same things about the 3d covers. Now these are bigger shops who were not heavily allocated like many small stores were, and were able to get in many copies if the enhanced covers. The ones that are selling out the quickest are Flash Grodd, Superman Bizarro, Batman Ventriloquist, and Desaad.

To quote one of the retailers who didn’t want their name printed so they don’t tip off their competition, “The ones that are going to be the real hot movers this week are Bizzaro and Ventriloquist. Bizarro has a ton of popularity, and is a cool cover, and Ventriloquist is for the batman completists.”

I can say I was surprised at how low the books have been selling for in eBay considering how much they were going for before their release. Only time will tell how they will end up.

3 thoughts on “DC Villains Month end of day one”

  1. Some smaller cities appear to have copies on the shelves, thus while there is regular supply available on shelves you can’t get a value jump….This could be a slow burn…anyone remember how the die cuts played out?

    In vancouver the hardest issue for me to get from the 4 stores I visited was the Justice League 7.1. Ventriloquist is hot due to the cover artist. Green arrow was written by Lemire, and green lantern has the intro to Relic?…

  2. So….Ive been following these covers on ebay since Wednesday and haven’t seen to many getting bids as of yet. Again… I avoid BIN books because it takes too long to see if it really sold. Seems to be way to many sellers of the same title and some selling for little to no money at all. Why would anyone bother selling a comic going for $3.99 for 99 cents? At least they got a few bucks for shipping. Anyways ive noticed that Bizarro and Poison Ivy seem to be the top sellers at about 10 bucks sold today

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