Comics picks of the Week for delivery 10/30/13

Man this week is another good one. I really do love Wednesdays. Each week hundreds of new books come out and we try to pick the ones we think will be hot or increase in value.

1. Sandman Overture- Yes, it is going to have a big print run. Yes, there are multiple variants. But Sandman has long been the number 1 best selling graphic novel series (before Walking Dead took over). This series sells to non-comic fans. This cross over group will be looking to pick up these books on the secondary market later when they find out a new Sandman series came out. This is going to be a slow burn, adds value over time series. 

2. Saga 15- Cannot pass up Saga. For me it is one of the must buys along with The Walking Dead. Each subsequent issue gets better and gains value over time. If this series gets to the 100’s like Walking Dead has, you will want to have the early issues.

3. The Raven and the Read Death 1- Dark Horse has done a great job releasing these Mini-series from Richard Corben based on Edgar Allen Poe stories. I love horror and love the classics and love Corben’s quirky art style.  These are not produced in huge numbers and Corben is someone with a huge following. 

4. Superior Spiderman #20- This is supposed to be the biggest issue of a Spider-man book since Amazing 700. This will be a major shift in direction for the title. 

5. Wild Blue Yonder #3- After a long wait, Wild Blue Yonder is back. This book is a limited series which usually kills value, but with the potential movie it is worth stocking up on. Not to mention, it has been a great book with great story and art.

6. Wilder One Shot- Small print run on this book and a little bit of hype behind it. 

7. Death Sentence #2- Man, the first issue was killer, both story and art-wise. It sold out and had a small print run. Usually there is a drop off between the number of copies produced for a first issue and the second issue. This should not be missed as Titan has been releasing some awesome books. 

8. Damian Son of Batman #1- We did a Marvel book so let’s spotlight a DC book. This one features the return of the much loved and much hated Damian Wayne, son of Bruce Wayne. 


Let us know what you are speculating on.




10 thoughts on “Comics picks of the Week for delivery 10/30/13”

  1. The Fox (Red Circle) : Looks like a hot one, 4 beautiful covers and plenty of talent (Mark Waid, Dean Haspiel). I think this could be a hit.

  2. Superior spiderman 20 JSC variant is blowing up! Had a chance to pre-order one for $55, but passed… Kinda regret it now. Do these variants hold their value?

    1. You know the funny thing is some do and some don’t. A lot of Amazing Spider-Man ones do but others just have a hard time maintaining value. I always suggest to buy what you want for your collection and flip others for a profit as soon as you can.

  3. One local shop here had just six copies of “The Fox” left. I managed to grab all 4 covers of it.

    I found only one Wilder (Cover B) available, so I nabbed it.

    One shop had just one copy left of “The Final Plague #3”. It tears me up inside that I have yet to find any copy that is likely a 9.6 or better. Seems someone likely before shipping these out is just bending them so they all seem to have at least one spine crease. If anyone can find me some actual NM copies of any of these, I’ll pay you. 😉

      1. Yeah, I can’t find print numbers on them either. I think they’re either around 1000 or less. I’ve got two number 1’s and just one #2.

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