Its Spreading…..

Cannot wait for this to get here.
Wanted to give a preview of the covers I will have for the Justin Jordan Spread signing July 12th.
Phantom Variant
spread phantom
Third Eye Variant
Spread Third eye
Both nice homage covers, Phantom to Lone Wolf and Cub and Third Eye to Walking Dead 19.
More info to come.

10 thoughts on “Its Spreading…..”

  1. Man, I have a gut feeling that spread third eye cover is going to explode to the moon. I hate this feeling because i’ll be lucky to own one. If i’m lucky.

  2. Oh Boy. Have been so in anticipation of this one & now having seen the Third Eye Variant cover I may just explode ! 🙂 . I would so love to have one of these babie. If you have one to spare still available to purchase from you Anthony I would so very much like the opportunity to have & hold. Keep up the great work & Spread the word 😉

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