Larry's Comics Baltimore Comicon mini report.

A recap of Baltimore Comic Con from Larry of Larry’s Comics
I headed down to Baltimore last weekend to split a 10’x20′ corner booth with a couple of my New England pals Chris’ Comics & Comix Explosion.
We were delightful fellows to work with & had excellent prices
I enjoyed moderate sales at my booth which I would describe as organized chaos of modern material & minor keys. The general consensus that I got from vendors was that the doubling of the show square footage & additional dealers was resulting in a weaker sales environment than last year.
The bulk of my inventory was $10 books. I find the general show going public eats this type of material up.
First books sold off my table were 5x I-Zombie #1 at $10ea
I sold Death of Wolverine #1’s for a dollar as a show special & moved 330. The variants were in high demand. I sold a 1:500 for $500
1:100 & 1:75’s for $50 ea
A box of 400 My Little Pony comics, didn’t make the sales floor as another dealer bought it before the show opened.
This years 3-d covers were everywhere. They were bellybutton books ( everybody had one )
Doomsday Man Of Steel 171819 sold $35-$15-$10
DC’s Grayson is developing a strong loyal following. Sold out of #1 variant at $10
Sold a ton of Mirage TMNT issues. Very achievable run to complete & collectors are out there with their lists.
Everybody asked for Strain #1
I was surprised how well known Phantom was at the show. Collectors sought me out to buy them. Dealers sought me out to sign up for the program. Wayward, Spread & Nailbiter were my top movers at $5ea.
Chris sold 10x Enormous Phantom #1’s for $35ea
$10 tpb’s & hc’s were my bread & butter.
I brought a box of Harley Quinn comics that sold fabulous all weekend. There was ALWAYS somebody looking in the box. #1-$12 #1 4th print $10
Skottie Young covers at $5 flew.
Star Wars Marvel was requested every day.
I brought a dozen various Adam Hughes Catwoman covers in mylar for $10ea & sold them all.
The buzz is building on the Flash tv show. TON of minor new 52 sales. Same with Green Arrow. These two books sell better at shows than they do in the shop.
Fans were hunting obscure Deadpool appearances. Yes, X-Force #2 was a $10 book. I sold all six copies in Mylars
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  1. Very cool market report. I was thinking that it was approx 20 years ago exactly that I did my first comic con and the hot books were Lady Death, Evil Ernie, Shi, Dawn, and I sold a Showcase #9 raw GD for $100.00 – that was back in the “wizard” pre-internet days where that was the only way I learned what comics were hot and going up in value. Which is why 20 yrs later I now find it so fun to report this info online.

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