Thanks to Patrick H. for this in depth look at the Infinity War Movie spec:
THANOS: I have included most of Thanos’s early appearances and specific issues dealing with the Thanos War, Final Threat, and Infinity Gauntlet.

Iron Man #55 – 1st appearance of Thanos.
Captain Marvel #25-33 (vol. 1) – Thanos War. #26 1st Thanos cover (cameo), #28 2nd Thanos cover. #25 2nd Thanos (cameo) and #26 is 3rd Thanos appearance.
Marvel Feature #12 – Thanos War.
Avengers #125 – Thanos War, Avengers vs Thanos.
Daredevil #105 – Thanos backstory, 1st Moondragon and origin.
Marvel Premiere #12 – 1st Warlock, 1st Soul Gem.
Warlock #9-11, #15 – Starlin takes over, #10 and #15 has Thanos cover. #10 has Thano’s origin.
Strange Tales #179181 – Warlock origin, 1st Gamorra.
Avengers Annual #7 – Final Threat storyline.
Marvel Team-Up #55 – Warlock appearance.
Marvel Team-Up Annual #2 – Death of Warlock and Thanos, Final Threat storyline.
Logan’s Run #6 – 1st Thanos solo story.
Thanos Quest #1-2 – Quest for the Soul gems, 1st time called Infinity Stones.
Silver Surfer #34-38, #40, #44-59 – #34 Thanos returns, Infinity Gauntlet lead-in, #44 1st Infinity Gauntlet, #46 return of Warlock, #50 Beginning of the Infinity Gauntlet.
Special Note: Silver Surfer #50 has several printings but also keep an eye out for the error variant for this particular issue, the foil is discolored in the affected books. Also if you look at the Avengers line-up for the first Thanos War it consists of Thor, Iron Man, Mantis, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Captain America, and the Swordsman. Looks like the line-up might be consistent with the movie.
Infinity Gauntlet #1-6 – Main story, also crossover issues i.e. Moon Knight #57, Silver Surfer #33-38 (pre Gauntlet), #40, #44-59. #50 marks the beginning of the storyline. Also Infinity Gauntlet #5 is the most difficult to find, scoop it when you can!
Infinity War #1-6 – Main Story.
NEBULA: Nebula will play a bigger part in the Marvel movie cosmic universe, she played a predominant role in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline.
Avengers #257-260 – #257 is 1st appearance of Nebula.
Avengers #260 – Origin.
MEPHISTO: Mephisto played a part in the storyline leading up to the Infinity Gauntlet and then played a major part in it.
Silver Surfer #3 (vol. 1) – 1st appearance.
Silver Surfer #45 (vol. 3) – Cover w/ Thanos.
MOONDRAGON: Moondragon plays a huge part in the Marvel cosmic universe, ends up in the GOTG.
Iron Man #54 – 1st appearance as Madame MacEvil.
Daredevil #105 – 1st as Moondragon and origin.
QUASAR: With GOTG 2 in the works, this might be a viable character to bring in. Better safe than sorry! The first Quasar was in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline.
Captain America #217 – 1st Wendell Vaughn.
Incredible Hulk #234 – 1st Vaughn as Quasar.
Captain Marvel #16 (vol. 5) – 1st Phylla Vell appearance.
Special Note: Fantastic Four #206 is the 1st appearance of the Nova Corps despite not appearing in the Infinity Gauntlet comics it will be most likely they will return. This issue can still be found cheap.
CAPTAIN MARVEL: The movie is coming. Cosmic character movie coming out which will definitely be tied in to the Infinity War movies.
Marvel Super Heroes #12 – 1st Captain Marvel.
Marvel Super Heroes #13 – 1st Carol Danvers.
Captain Marvel #18 (vol. 1) – Carol Danvers gets powers.
Ms. Marvel #1 – 1st Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel.
Avenging Spider-Man #910 – 1st Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel.
Captain Marvel #1 (vol. 6) – 1st Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel series.
Captain Marvel #14 (vol. 6) – 1st Kamala Kahn.
Captain Marvel #17 (vol. 6) – 1st Kamala as Ms. Marvel.
MANTIS: An Avenger during the 1st Thanos War, rumored to be in Avengers 2.
Avengers #112 – 1st appearance of Mantis.
Avengers #123124 – Origin.
WARLOCK: You can’t have Thanos without Warlock, he is coming!
Fantastic Four #6667 – 1st Cocoon, 1st HIM
Thor #165 – HIM early appearance.
Marvel Premiere #1-2 – 1st Adam Warlock solo, 1st Soul gem
Warlock #9-15 – Jim Starlin takes over, Thanos storyline, Thanos on covers #10 and #15. #10 is Thanos origin, #15 is also 1st Gamorra on a cover.
Strange Tales #178-181 – Adam Warlock solo, Starlin story and art, 1st Gamorra.
Silver Surfer #46 – Return of Adam Warlock
Warlock & the Infinity Watch #1 – modern solo Adam Warlock series involving the gauntlet.
COLLECTOR: DelTorro signed on for a multi picture deal so he will be back, also the Collector appears in Thanos Quest #2 because he holds one of the Infinity gems Thanos wants. In Thor 2 we see he has an Infinity stone… The Collector also plays a role in the Infinity Gauntlet.
Avengers #28 – 1st appearance of the Collector.
Iron Man #26 – Early appearance.
COSMIC BEINGS: This list is more of a gamble but I have a hunch based on the GOTG movie.
Death – Captain Marvel #26 – If there’s going to be an Infinity War you better believe Death will be in it. Since her first appearance and leading up until Modern books, her story has been developed. Death is a balance in the universe, with Oblivion they balance out Eternity and Infinity. Destruction vs. life.
Eternity – Strange Tales #138 – 1st appearance.
Infinity – Quasar #24 – 1st appearance.
Oblivion – Iceman #12 – 1st appearance (cameo & full), Quasar #18 (early appearance)
Eon – Captain Marvel #28 – Offspring of Eternity and Infinity
Living Tribunal – Strange Tales #157 – The Living Tribunal plays a part at the end of the Infinity Gauntlet, might show up.
Master Order & Lord Chaos – Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2 – Cosmic beings who appeared in Final Threat storyline.

12 thoughts on “INFINITY WAR MOVIE SPEC”

  1. Great list! I thought, though, that Captain Marvel #27 is considered Thanos’s second full appearance. Or maybe I’m incorrect? That needs to be on the list as I can see it being the next Thanos book to jump if my memory is right.
    Also, the “first” appearance stuff on HIM/Warlock is obviously a mess. Thor 165 seems like it’s gaining traction based on sales I’ve seen but who knows?

    1. CM 27 is considered by some to be his 1st full appearance by some bc IM 55 is a robot and CM 25/26 are technically ‘flashbacks’.

  2. I think the 1st appearance of the Nova Corps is Fantastic Four 204 and 205 (brief and full respectively). I have both and the Corps are in both.

  3. I can confirm Nova Corp are in 204 & 205. I’ve been pulling those out of dollar bins for years.
    Also, Iron Man 55 is not the first appearance of Thanos. The Thanos in Iron Man 55 is a robot that gets destroyed at the end. Yes, the robot had a similar costume to Thanos, but the Thanos we know today doesn’t show up in this issue. His true first is Capt Marvel 25. In my opinion, CM 25 is where you want to focus to maximize your dollar. It can be had in high grade for less than some variants today.
    Otherwise, darn good list. Thanks.

  4. Marvel two in one annual #7. First appearance of The Champion. He holds the power gem, Thanos took it from him. Still a cheap book to find too.
    Great list!

  5. Anthony what do you think about thanos 1st app being in captain marvel 25
    There is copy on eBay aus for $56 in great condition
    Is this so called second app a cameo
    I am in two minds on whether to buy it
    Thanos comics will go up a lot but cameo maybe not

      1. The trick is to position oneself to take advantage of errors in the market so that when it corrects, one is positioned to take advantage. Regardless, IM 55 has probably or is close to topping out value wise. And one definitely doesn’t want to be holding if the market corrects. I believe CM 25 has room to grow anyway and if 1st appearance corrects itself, that’s just gravy.
        I will tell you in my experience, over the last couple years when I go to shows and ask dealers if they have CM 25, more and more they are responding with, “Oh, your looking for the 1st appearance of Thanos?”.
        Once he really hits the limelight, I think the community may revisit what his 1st really is.

  6. I have the Iceman 1-4 mini-series and paged through them. Issue 2 doesn’t show Ablivion, but says the word Ablivion on the last page. Issue 3 is the first full appearance.

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