Wednesday Open Forum


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

We will be starting another couple give aways tonight so keep your eyes peeled for that.

What are your pick ups?
What about back issue raids?
What was sold out at your store?
What was sitting one the shelves in piles?

Or anything else you want to talk about, here is where to do it!

49 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. On my holidays so most of my pick ups have been online but allowed me to check out Comicxposure for the first time and must say I’m impressed (good site and does not stitch up us buyers over the water with postage) and ordered some nice comics
    – Amazing Spiderman : Renew Your Vows #3 & #4 exclusive variants
    – Enormous V2 #1
    – Star Wars #4 Boba Fett cover
    – GI Joe #214 Valle cover
    -Book of Death #1 Dungeon exclusive
    and treated myself to Young Terrorists #1 Templesmith virgin variant

    Elsewhere picking up
    -Batgirl #42
    – Superman #42
    – Mythic #3
    -X-men ’92 #2
    – Sex Criminals #11 (regular and XXX cover)
    – Justice League #42 (Quinones Variant)
    – Star Wars #7 (action figure variant)
    Also picking up the Forbidden Planet/Jet Pack reprints of We Can Never Go Home #1,#2 & #3 – loving Black Mask comics at the moment and these covers are great.

    Probably bought some other comics but pre-ordering online in advance I have lost track on what I have ordered but it means when they are delivered its like my very own custom loot crate!

    1. I love pre-ordering! If I don’t have a package in the post, it’s not a good day. But yes, many packages I get I’m clueless what it is until I open.

  2. I just saw a couple of Sex Criminals sketch covers on ebay, they look nothing like the books in the post I saw a while back. I wonder if they are fakes.

  3. Light week again…back issue raid! Orderd a couple of those Mission Impossible’s cheap in wild outside of the US, we’ll see what happens with those. Finally got all the variants for Rick & Morty 1, if you’re not watching this show you need to be…! Forbidden Planet have the first print in stock at cover (limited to 1 per customer), not sure what shipping is to US, but they are selling for an average of $15 on ebay.
    This week’s pick ups:
    Squarriors #3
    Invisible Republic #5 (Really recommend this)
    Sex Criminals #11 (Ax6+ Bx3)(Shame…and fingers crossed)
    Southern Bastards #10 (A+B)
    Star Wars #7 ( Moore Variant)

    1. So I got one of the Mission Impossible’s in the post today…it has the unedited panel! So now do I keep or rid?

  4. Smaller week except it won’t be small since I’ll likely buy a bunch of Sex Criminals #11….

    Mulan Revelations #2
    Donald Duck #3
    Copperhead #9
    God Hates Astronauts #10
    Invisible Republic #5
    Low #8
    Manhattan Projects Stars #2
    Sex Criminals #11
    Southern Bastards #10
    Tithe #4
    Black Widow #20
    Star Wars #7
    Hacktivist #1
    Ninjak #5

    1. Bought 6 Sex Criminals locally.. nabbed a sketch.

      Here’s to hoping to landing another one or two from the 6+ I pre-ordered online. 🙂

        1. One local shop said he had 3 people nab a sketch each already. Said he ordered only 45 total copies. Could of been all he had but at that rate, it’s looking to be 1:15 type of ratio unless he ends up with more who gets one. Says he’s been getting customers to open up and he’s taking pics of each to post.

        2. Yeah, I’ve been seeing a lot of sketches of just random stuff.. glad this one is actually a sketch of the actual characters.

      1. Hey congrats! This is the only series i’ve been digitally buying (everything else is print) but I hope my shop has one left when I get there tonight. Small shop so I have my doubts.

      2. My shop had one left so I snagged it. You know, I usually don’t go for comedy comics. I kept hearing how good this one was however and comixology had a .99 cent sale so I bought whatever was current there and have kept up with it that way. I really do wish I would have bought it in print from the beginning however.

      3. You know what I just realized…..I bought the XXX variant. It was the last one copy of Sex Criminals that they had but I snagged it without paying attention. I haven’t been following the craze on these really, should I open it up?

  5. Was not able to get Star Wars 7 b&w variant but due to cart issues my co-worker ordered 5 copies. He said the cart added 5 and he was too scared to change quantities. I will hopefully get one and see if he is willing to sell any, if so i’ll let you guys here know first.

  6. OK so this week I got:
    Flash annual
    Sabrina – both covers
    Deadpool’s secret wars
    And 3 sex criminals – no sketches 🙁

    1. Just hit another ship and got sex criminals #3 third printing, the southern bastards confederate flag variant, and star wars

    1. I was told by one shop they won’t reprint #11, so don’t expect any 2nd prints (could be a rumor). Most are gonna pick up as many as they can to land a sketch though. Those will be the valuable ones. As for the XXX variant, it seems rather rare as well. Two shops only had between 3 and 5 each.

      I landed 1 sketch out of the 6 I bought total. So yeah, gonna have some extra copies when all said and done. I pre-ordered 6 copies as well, so here’s to hoping to land another one.

  7. I’ve seen a couple show up on eBay with sketches and am wondering how many fakes will be out there. Probably no way to get a CGC yellow label of these randomly sketched issues.

    1. Professionals should be able to tell if it’s fake or not. Not sure how CGC will do the grading though, I’m guessing if they prove it’s authentic, then go about the normal way of grading it.

      What I”m worried about is those who have the tools or equipment to open, check if there’s a sketch and if there is none, they reseal to try and sell as unopened at a premium, knowing there’s no sketch.

        1. Funny, the amount of comics I buy each week, I have no idea on all the different grades from CGC and such.. I keep most of my comics free and raw! 😉

        1. Yeah, they were tough bags. Anyone with the right tools could reseal and possibly make it look untampered depending on how well they opened it. I worked at best buy long ago and we have a shrink wrap machine which was state of the art, I forget the name of the machine part (sealer perhaps) that seals the plastic could easily be used to reseal one of these cause it cuts off the excess as well. If done right, one could pull it off for sure.

    2. I don’t see how you’re gonna produce a fake. The cover cardstock and the white blank picture are hard to replicate.

      1. Exactly. Like I said previously, my main concern is for those that missed out that buy a copy still bagged that has been opened and then resealed, which is way more likely. I myself probably won’t buy any unopened “bagged” copies on the secondary market in fear someone’s tampered with it to check if it’s got a sketch or not.

    3. No but you could get the cbcs verified signature as they would be able to compare the signatures. Granted that is not the same. You could also (possibly) send a bunch to cgc to have them open them and only grade sketched variants. (Totally don’t think they would do this but would be funny.)

      1. Im told that only the lighter pink bags are the only one with the sketches? Or is also the darker pink bags also have the sketches?

      2. Vibda,

        Only the regular cover bags will have sketches. The XXX variant will have a $4.69 price on the back while the regular cover will have the $3.50 price.

    1. Nice, you can see link to mine above. But yours looks like the same style as some guy who got one at Capstone today here in Austin:

  8. Congratulations poyo idk how to post ot on here and mine could be offensive so didnt want to get banned anothony can i email it to youbto post? It was in the 7th package of the 10 my lcs got but i freaked and the manger did to he was nice enough to get me the 10 i orderd and a copy of the variant

    1. Usually it has to be a direct URL to the image for it to show up, no html or code tags needed. But yeah, not too bad of a sketch, probably not best sketch for work but still not that graphic. 😉

  9. Hey its a great book i’ve been reading since day one and if it helps sales im cool w that. Or by some freak chance someone has’t heard of it and this gets them to read it than its cool w me. It seems more of a thank you to the fans that a few people will try to cash in on the hype of sex criminals 11 (but lets be honest of you come on this site enough you probably flip comics even a lil lol) but ot was cool of them to do it.

  10. Got to the LCS late today but was lucky enough to find one Sex Criminals 11 left on the shelf. Luck ran out when I opened it though since it was a normal cover. Good thing I preordered some more…

    Black Widow #20
    Copperhead #9
    Daredevil #17
    Invisible Republic #5
    Low #8
    Manhattan Projects Sun Beyond the Stars #2
    Ninjak #5
    Sex Criminals (one of each cover… the O’Malley cover is a kick)
    Shrinking Man #1
    Southern Bastards #10 (regular and charity)
    Star Wars #7 (regular and action figure cover)
    Tithe #4
    X-Files Annual (for the better half)

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