Official Deadpool Trailer airs on Conan

The official Deadpool Trailer just aired on Conan. It is essentially the same trailer that leaked out of SDCC, but of course, much clearer. The trailer just went online at the official Deadpool website, which takes you directly to Youtube currently. So without further ado, Deadpool the Trailer.

It does look awesome!

5 thoughts on “Official Deadpool Trailer airs on Conan”

  1. Yes. That’s exactly what we were waiting for when it came to Deadpool. They freaking nailed it. Oh god. Slow down Nicc. Sensory overload. Splooge.

  2. “Don’t make the super suit green or animated”…! Apparently nothing is off limits! Super stoked for this movie! It appears that they finally got it right…

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