Agent Poyo’s Picks of the Week for Delivery 9/9/15

Force Friday has passed.. where all the nerds rushed out at midnight to gobble up all the good action figures to inflate the prices on eBay only to make us normal people who like to sleep have to just wait a few weeks until the prices come back down to real world prices. (Yeah, I’m a little bitter.. all I wanted was a Captain Phasma action figure.. ).

But behold, a Star Wars comic book is coming out this week, one that leads up to Force Awakens. So it’s still gonna be a great week (despite my 7 year old being sick all weekend) so let’s get on with the picks.

Star Wars Shattered Empire #1 (Marvel) – Yeah it’s a mini-series but still, it’s the story that leads up to the new movie Force Awakens which hits theaters this December. So yeah, expect it to sell out. Expect every Star Wars fan to crawl out of their rocks to go pick up a copy or two. Expect several print runs… pick it up even if you don’t like Star Wars.

Famous Monsters presents Broken Moon #1(American Gothic Press) – It’s my indie pick of the week. Sure it’s the usual werewolves and vampires but when humans are wiped out, the monsters of legends rise up to take control. Expect small print run for sure.

Faster Than Light #1 (Image) – It’s an Image number 1. Humans can now travel at the speed of light, which we all know opens up worlds of possibilities.

Mirrors Edge Exordium #1 (Dark Horse) – A prequel to a new game which means this could heat up with fans of the game realize there’s a comic book out there. Might not catch on now but could potentially heat up after the game is released, creating new fans that seek out the comic.

And of course.. must mention Walking Dead #146 comes out. We’ll see how the good folks take Rick’s news of the beheading’s by the Whisperers group. My guess is.. there will be blood!

Also, I’m not really digging the new Batman story (I still think that damn Bat Suit looks like Chappie and I can’t wait for Wayne to come back to his senses) but Batman #44 has a sweet looking regular Jock cover which depicts the normal Bruce Wayne bat suit.

19 thoughts on “Agent Poyo’s Picks of the Week for Delivery 9/9/15”

  1. Just mentioned this in the Comic Picks section, but what are your thoughts on Renew Your Vows #5? I heard if had a “spider-Gwen” kinda first appearance, but with a different famous red head.

    1. I have not been following Renew Your Vows.. as much as I love Spider-Man, this title and series does nothing for me for some reason. I want Spider-Man to be Spider-Man.. not these Valentine mushy love covers they keep doing..

      I also base my spec’s on nothing but the title and number, I’m a collector with no inside information on any new releases.

      1. I hope not.. I think they’re getting carried away with all these new Spider characters. Honestly, they could just kill Mary Jane off and I wouldn’t care… I’m tired of that woman messing with Peter, she’s just a distraction from him being a super hero.

          1. Oh, I like Peter Parker being normal everyday person that shares our problems as well but I no longer care about Mary Jane.. she needs to go. 😉

              1. Yes, yes I am. Little bugger needs to die already. My wife finally read all the comics and doesn’t understand why I want him gone either!

    1. I hope so.. Star Wars is so wide open, they can introduce characters in any of their ongoing or mini-series that might make it to the big screen. I’ve actually started picking up two copies of Star Wars and Darth Vader just to not get blindsided by new characters, etc.

    1. He was still in that suit in Detective Comics.. freaking oversized robot bunny! Need to hurry up and get Bruce back.. I’m over this Gordon being Batman.. I like Gordon as the Commissioner, he makes a better Commissioner.

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