NYCC Day one

What a whirlwind of a day. Got up at 5:00 showered, and hit the highway. The normal three hour trip took about five putting us a little late for the show. I finally met up with Mel V. at the show and got to meet reader Beau (aka Minty Man Cave Comics). We got to talk for a little bit but it was time to hit the con floors.

Normally, day one for me is about grabbing exclusives. I did. I got the secret variant for The Beauty. I was asked not to share the cover. If you check eBay then you can see the cover. It is funny, it is a riff on the Sex Criminals “Brothers in Law” photo cover. They came signed. They were also sealed in a bag so you could not see what you were buying. Well worth the money.

Of course I got the NYCC Enormous book, but since I was late to the show I only was able to get two, was also able to grab more variants for Enormous that I didn’t have.
Went and had a nice chat with Ryan Browne he released a great variant called Goats Eat Castanets -1. He took out the script of God Hates Astronauts and reworked it to be funnier. The cover is a sketch with a blank head and Ryan will draw in any head you want. I got a kitten. (Ryan’s Kitten).
Picked up the exclusive NYCC Young Terrorists #1 and had it double signed.

Publishers were cool. Sat around with our friends from Creature Entertainment who were blowing out Ravenous NYCC variants, Gun Variants, and pretty much all their stock.

Spoke with Double Take, who recently launched the line of Zombie books based around Night of the Living Dead. They are going to hook us up with 10 packs to give away as contests. Speaking of contests, Larry gave me a ton of the Iron Man Siya Oum variant sets to give away.

Creature also gave some NYCC Variants to give away. Look for these on Wednesday! (Tuesday Night)

Went and had some books signed by Artgerm. This was the highlight of my evening. His art rep is a fan of the site and was treating me like a celebrity. I was floored. Alwyn, you have no reason not top say high now that I ran your picture!
Ran into Justin Jordan who is always fun to hang out with. Kyle Strahm got there late so will be hooking up with him tomorrow. Spoke with Matt Pizzolo and Mathew Rosenberg and picked up the mixed tape for We Can Never Go Home.

Also picked up the NYCC Creepy Loot Crate exclusive box. Joe and I will be cracking this open Sunday when I get back. Picked up the NYCC Exclusive Chuthlu and Black and White Universal Monster toys from Funko.
Will actually be getting to covering the topics of the show tomorrow.

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  1. The exclusive mix tape that will never actually be played by anyone, anywhere! Unless you’re crazy enough to stick it into a 15 year old player 😀

  2. What’s the print run on those Enormous news papers and WCNGH Mixtapes? They’re both going for quite a hefty sum on eBay. Also does anyone know if that mixtape is part of the WCNGH #1 Hot Topic variant with the mixtape on the cover?

    1. The newspaper itself has a print run of 40. The newspaper looking enormous cover had a print run of 150. (I had 4 bit three sold and one is staying in my collection after I submit it for grading today. No. The mix tape and the hot topic variants have nothing to do with each other. There is a mix tape cover in the NYCC set, the hot topic cover has a different mix tape. And finally there is the mix tape which was sold as a stand alone on his table.

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  3. Thanks for the info, just out of curiosity what were they selling them for at their booth? Anywhere near what they’re going for on eBay?

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