Agent Poyo’s Picks of the week for delivery 10/14/15

Last week was a big week. Lots of new Marvel titles (reboots that is.. Marvel loves #1’s) and we’re getting more this week. It’s going to be another big week for us comic collectors and speculators. Lots of new stuff, lots of variants to chase.

With NYCC now behind us (wish we were there with Tony, Mel and Minty), let’s get on with the picks this week.

The spec of the week:

Clandestino #1 (Black Mask) – They’ve been hitting them out of the ball park. TCNGH, Space Riders, Young Terrorists.. Even as mini-series, these have been great stories, great art and in high demand. So pick up a few, you never know, could be an easy flip a day, week or few months.

The could be great or could suck a lot (there’s two of them in this category):

I Hate Fairyland #1 (Image) – Scottie Young debuts with Image with his own series based on some girl stuck in a Alice in Wonderland type fairly land, trying to get back home. Not for kids apparently.

Twilight Children #1 (Vertigo) – Children poking strange alien objects, causing up some ruckus.. seems like a realistic story. It has aliens, or what we might think is an alien.

The everyone is going to get it and there will be billions of them available:

Spider-Gwen #1 (Marvel) – Yeah yeah. She just debuted this year and is already on Vol. 2. It’s just numbering Marvel, what’s the big deal in slapping the next number on the cover and starting the next story arc? As I myself found volume 1 kind of a let down (art was good though), I’ll certainly pick this one up just because, well, you never know what will happen a little down the beaten path. Plus, I’m gonna try to score the Nick Bradshaw variant.. very sweet homage cover.

The furry pick of the week:

Chewbacca #1 (Marvel) – Who doesn’t like Chewbacca, the lovable Wookiee? Now in his own mini-series we find out what happens after the battle of Yavin.

And for no reason, Chewbacca riding a giant squirrel fighting Nazis
And for no reason, Chewbacca riding a giant squirrel fighting Nazis

The it’s always going to be a spec spec of the week:

Walking Dead #147 (Image) – It’s Walking Dead. The back issue bins are usually empty, people seek these out long after they’ve been released. Even common issues sell for over cover price. Pick it up, hold onto them, as long as this show is popular and ongoing, these will be worth it.

Oh and is it me or am I the only one that thinks these Marvel Cosplay covers are just horrible.. horrible!

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  1. When I saw the first news article title about the Cosplay Covers, I said “Oh, cool!” Then when I clicked on the article and looked at the photos, I said “Oh, crap!”. Maybe 2 out of the 15-20 I viewed were even decent. They look like they just swiped amateur photos from people’s Facebook accounts. This was a great idea, but poor execution. You know exactly what will happen. DC will copy this idea at some point down the road, and attempt to improve it. I am a Marvellite, though, and the Variant cover I am most looking forward to is the Dave Johnson Deadpool#1 Variant. That one is awesome!

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