Wednesday Winner: Sunflower #1

I love walking into the comic shop on Wednesdays and picking up my new books. I love it even more when a book that you can pick up on Wednesday is selling for multiple times cover price shortly after. Sunflower #1 from 451 Media  is one of them.

Copies of the book are already breaking the $20 MarkEdit, with many shops already being hit hard for the book.

While I was at my local comic shop, (A larger regional store) phone calls were coming in from people fast and furious on it. I was able to snag two, and with two (maybe three) copies from NYCC already, I am pretty happy.

Check around. You may still be able to find copies. I know TFAW and Mycomicshop are sold out.

Paul C. pointed out to me the other day that Forbidden Planet is doing a signing with the creators and is selling a special Launch Pack of Forbidden Planet varianta with a special signed book plate.

16 thoughts on “Wednesday Winner: Sunflower #1”

      1. I’m donating all profits from mine listed to Larime Taylor. So buy mine people.. eBay user agentpoyo. You get a comic while also donating to a good cause. Can’t beat that. 🙂

  1. I got my copy that I ordered. It’s an excellent issue! I really enjoyed it and I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the series. It has a True Detective (season 1) vibe to it. If this stays strong, it’s got movie or TV deal written all over it.

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