Larime and Sylv Taylor Fundraiser Auctions

Back in October we ran a piece about the fundraising effort that Larime Taylor has going on trying to raise $40,000 to pay for his wife Sylv’s chemo. You can check it out and donate to the cause here.

If you are not familiar with Larime, he is a handicapped artist who draws with his mouth. He had the incredible book A Voice in the Dark through Image Comics and Top Cow. Larime has been a friend of the site for quite some time and stops by to comment from time to time. He moved last year to Las Vegas to be closer to his family as his wife was dealing with illness and they could needed the extra support. He started doing caricatures on the Vegas strip, by mouth mind you, to help pay the bills. The other shoe dropped not too long ago when they discovered Sylv had cancer. Without insurance, they have to pay out of pocket for the chemotherapy for Sylv, a very difficult task.
Poyo and I contacted Larime with our idea. We were going to send him a bunch of blank sketch covers for him to do sketches on. Free, we pay shipping out, we pay shipping back, we sell the books and donate 100% of the funds to Larime and Sylv’s GOFUNDME fundraiser. Other creators have gotten involved and we have put together a nice selection of art for auction. Please check them out and bid. if you can’t bid, please consider giving a donation to Sylv’s GOFUNDME fundraiser.

Angel After the Fall #4b Original Cover Painting by Andrew Robinson 11×17 Acrylic on Illustration Board

Your Choice of Character on Walking Dead Blank Cover #1

Your Choice of Character on Walking Dead Blank Cover #2
Tony Stark by Larime Taylor on Uncanny Avengers #1 Blank
Gambit by Larime Taylor on X-Factor #1

Tommy Castillo 10×15 Batman Mixed Media
Darwyn Cooke Superman on Superman Doomed #1 Blank
Howard Chaykin Mad Max on Mad Max Fury Road #1 Blank
Tim Bradstreet Zombies on Walking Dead #115 Blank Cover
Terry Moore Original Sketch 8 1/2 x 11
image (17)
Jimmie Robinson Original Bomb Queen Sketch 10×15
Captain America by Larime Taylor on Invaders #1 Blank
Daryl Dixon by Larime Taylor on Walking Dead #115 Blank
Jeffrey Dean morgan as Negan by Larime Taylor on Walking Dead #115 Blank
Michonne by Larime Taylor on Walking Dead #115 Blank
Negan by Larime Taylor on Walking Dead #115 Blank
Breaking Dead by Larime Taylor on Walking Dead #115 Blank

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