March Smugglers Bounty "Cantina" Unboxing

Tyson B. runs our sister site, which is dedicated to toys and action figures. Like me he is a subscription box junkie. He just got in the latest Smugglers Bounty box and unboxed it for us.

Needless to say, his two youngest kids video bombed him in the middle of it and it turns out to be incredibly cute, and a testament to his patience as a father. Check out the video, and also check out the post he did to follow up on it as he was unable to articulate all the info he was trying to say.

7 thoughts on “March Smugglers Bounty "Cantina" Unboxing”

  1. Dude your little girl had me laughing. I have a soon to be 3 year old and he is a true character lol. Betting up his older brother and jumping saying he’s Batman oh man lol. And your face when groot is dancing is priceless lol. Sorry dude but you just made my night lol.

  2. I also have a soon to be three year old, who is luckily one of the sweetest boys ever. But, when you combine him with Joe who just turned 6, you get a crazy pair. Tyson’s daughter cracked me up and her saying “and we have this” and placing the stapler in front of the camera made me burst into laughter. Tyson is a great dad and really takes care of his kids.

  3. I fell you and the whole crazy part. It’s like we have running and jumping Batman and then Superman gets involved and all h$*l brakes loose lol.

  4. I like how she just appeared from behind the t-shirt.. that was awesome and yes, I feel your pain, mine are almost 8 and one 10 year old. They’re lucky they’re cute or they’d all get eaten!

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