Self Published Spotlight: Endigo Society

From time to time we like to spotlight artists doing Kickstarter funded books. They are great do it yourself books that do not get the attention they deserve. Not to mention it is the breeding ground of some great writers and artists who could go on to be big stars. The guys I really like to talk to are the guys who are even more entrenched in creating comics, and funding the books themselves. This is how I met Norwick Robinson and learned about his book Endigo Society.
I met Norwick in Philadelphia as he was set up at Wizard World. Mel V. told me to look him up and check out his work, as he was impressed with him. Norwick showed me his art and took the time out to talk about his book, and about self-publishing and paying for it all himself. That was what got me the most, he was paying out of pocket for all the printing and publication costs associated with the book. His work impressed me to the point where we stayed in contact. Norwick has finally launched his site, Endigo Society, to sell the books. Issues 0 and 1 are available now. The book has mostly been sold at conventions up until this point. Endigo Society has received good reviews on-line and worth checking out, especially if you like indie books.
Here is the synopsis for the book:

Odyessey Nadika, a 16-year old girl, lives with her grandfather (Barazal Nadika) and younger brother (Sabili Nadika) in Decamn, a small city where Barazal owns a shop that sells unique and unusual items.To all outside appearances, Odyessey is an ordinary teenager.  She fits in, earns decent grades at school, and does her best to enjoy life. However, while her classmates focus on future careers, romances, and accomplishments, Odyessey’s interests are more esoteric and wide-ranging. While exploring the basement of her grandfather’s shop, she discovers two objects that will change her life:  An enigmatic book, and a sword. The book, written by a mysterious sage, describes something called the Endigo Society, a group made up of people with the inherent skill to wield special magical weapons which the sage created for the purpose of protecting the world from destruction. Odyessey is more than startled when the sword begins to communicate with her, revealing that it deems her worthy of using it, and she is a member of the Endigo Society. From that moment on, her life is changed – perhaps forever. Thrown into a situation that she never wanted or asked for, Odyessey sets out on a journey to find the sage and try to get her life back to normal. She meets other members of the Endigo Society who have the same questions she does, and joins them in their quest to find the sage.
However, they find themselves in danger from a group that calls itself R.A.I.D.  This technologically-advanced secret organization of ex-government agents gone rogue wants to claim the powerful weapons held by the Endigo Society members.
Odyessey is caught up in a silent, globe-spanning war between the two groups that only one side can win.

Swing by his site Endigo Society and help support Norwick Robinson.

7 thoughts on “Self Published Spotlight: Endigo Society”

  1. Mr Robinson is one of the most humble and respectful young men i ever met.he is on the path of greatness. Please support this project you will not be disappointed

  2. Just ordered issue 1 and 2. Excited to read this and will update with a review once it comes in and I read it. Thanks for sharing this article!

  3. A little late getting around to this. LOVED Mini issues 0 and 1! Also, he sent me a couple mini pictures and autographed them! He went above and beyond to make this awesome and will be buying the rest as they come out! Thanks Anthony for posting this so others can enjoy!

  4. I’m a big fan of Endigo Society. You guys should check out his philosophical series on facebook. He put up one page skits.

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