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Thanks to Steve F. for handling the writing duties on this one. This is his first post with www.comicsheatingup.net
There has been much speculation lately about the mysterious woman, wearing the prosthetic mask, in the new Warner Brothers Wonder Woman movie, in theaters June 2, 2017.

To date, I have not heard an announcement from the studio of who this disfigured woman could be. I have a hunch that it could be Cylvia Anita Cyber (aka Dr. Cyber), who has been a recurring villain throughout the Wonder Woman series.
Cylvia Cyber seeks revenge on Diana Prince for her horrible disfigurement. Dr Cyber’s beautiful face was actually destroyed when a dying Chinese Tong gunman blasted a brazier of red hot coals onto her face.
Dr. Cyber’s first appearance is in Wonder Woman 179 (1968) which can still be found unslabbed for a $50-$90 in various conditions. Her first appearance continues through issue 182. She returns in issues 187,188 and 200.
The most interesting appearance I found was in issue 221(1976). The story is called The Fiend with the Face of Glass. Dr Cyber is featured prominently on the cover wielding a scalpel to the face of a tied-up Wonder Woman. Cylvia Cyber had been impaled with a scalpel in issue 200  and was thought to be dead, but she returns, quite literally with a vengeance, and tries to have Diana’s face removed and surgically grafted onto her own by Dr. Moon.
My local comic shop, unfortunately didn’t have any of the early appearances but luckily had a nice copy of issue 221. For a few dollars, I don’t know, could be a good flip next year, if my theory about Dr. Cyber pans out.
I’d like to hear your own theories about the mysterious masked woman and also let me know what you were able to find in your local comic shop!

10 thoughts on “Speculating The Wonder Woman Trailer”

  1. I don’t know much about wonder woman villains, but I did find a VG #179 for $12… No risk with that price and a silver age first appearance as well. Why the heck not.

    1. @ David.. I hear ya…Or at the very least have enough set up so even if it isn’t the greatest it can be “corrected and improved upon”as the DC movie universe grows. If that makes any sense. I’d rather they nail it right off the bat though.

  2. Hope they have a better villain then Dr. Cyber, to go from fighting Doomsday to a human woman with a disfigured face is not going to bode well for the DCEU.

    1. Looks like this is a historical movie taking place in the past where they are fighting Nazi’s. More human antagonists. She could just be a part of it. Like that side character (can’t think of her name but she provided comedy support to the older books).
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    2. Didn’t she get iron man type armor at some point or am I mixing that up with another character… If that is her I am thinking about and they do use her in the movie maybe she will wear some sort of steampunk inspired armor at some point…since it does take place a while back.

      1. Yes.. I believe at some point she has some pretty serious armor. I thought the same thing, since this has been moved to WWI. Some older tech would need to be used for her armor. Steam punk style would be cool as hell.

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