Very limited Stranger Things cast signed CGC Signature Series opportunity!

From time to time, we offer signed books here that we think are cool and would be of interest to other people. Well a few friends of the site, going way back to the beginning have something incredible that they are offering up, especially if you are a fan of Stranger Things.


A few friends of the site have worked to put together something truly special to offer fans of the show Stranger Things. Kelly Harty, who has been a friend of the site for some time searched all over for any publications that would be fitting for a Stranger Things cast signing event and after countless searches found Dragão Brasil magazine out of Brazil.

The magazine is traditionally in Portuguese and was only translated for this very special signing opportunity. Less than 150 English translated copies were printed.

Dragão Brasil was a monthly Brazilian magazine about RPG, fantasy fiction, comics, and more. It was really successful magazine that was distributed throughout Brazil. Over 100 issues were published between 1994 and the early 2000s. It is currently now having a comeback in digital form.

This issue is a commemorative issue in honor of Stranger Things and to celebrate how loved the Netflix original series is throughout Brazil. After Kelly worked with Dragão Brasil he teamed up with another friend of the site and long time respected CGC facilitator Rich Henn to orchestrate a signing opportunity. All orders are to be made with Rich on eBay. To place your order for this extremely limited and rare opportunity click Here!

Order Information:

Dragão Brasil #112
CGC 9.8 Signature Series
Signed by actress MILLIE BOBBY BROWN “11”
This is an extremely limited pre-sale item, with less than 150 copies printed in U.S.A.
This item is GUARANTEED to grade 9.8 or better.
This pre-sale is for actress Millie Bobby Brown (“11” on the show) and buyers who place an order before 10/7 have the option to add a variety of other cast members to this product prior to grading, including all the other kids from the show. Signing is scheduled for October 7th, items at CGC for grading the week of October 15th. Product will ship from CGC the week of November 20th


For more information on Dragão Brasil please click on the link below.


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4 Responses to Very limited Stranger Things cast signed CGC Signature Series opportunity!

  1. Another thing that it’s taking everything in my power not to order. Remember all that stuff sitting at CBCS right now, Drunkwooky!

  2. Admiral Snackbar says:

    that is awesome! super limited print run and amazing cover art–doesn’t get much better. i friggin love that show and if it ends up becoming a long-lasting cultural phenomenon this item will be the holy grail of stranger things collectables.

  3. Anthony says:

    It was translated into English from the native Brazil.

  4. Anthony says:

    Yeah. But take into account that she is charging a shipping fee, that it is the only magazine like that out so far and they had to be shipped to Brazil, plus the grading fee and postage out and back, these things can get pricy

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