Thanos #1 Spoiler: Major Marvel Character to be killed off? 

Looks like a major character could be on the chopping block coming up. This spoiler is from Thanos #1 which hits stores tomorrow.
Click the spoiler image to see the actual image.
Thanos #1 is out in stores tomorrow.

31 thoughts on “Thanos #1 Spoiler: Major Marvel Character to be killed off? ”

  1. It’s deemed to be ongoing, so I seriously doubt they’re gonna kill him off.. at least not until the last issue, in issue #12.. cause that’s about the average number of issues in Marvel world nowadays! 😛

    1. It will be Gwanos, after Gwen Stacy’s DNA from Clone Conspiracy is accidentally spilled into his own DNA when they attempt to clone him.. cause we, demanded it!

      1. You’re going to be ALL OVER THAT, aren’t you Poyo?! You’re really looking forward to the inevitable Gwenpool/Gwanos 12-part maxi-series with 1:100 variant covers drawn by Humberto Ramos and George Perez but only made available in Blue states. And then you’ll cry because you realize you live in a Red state and the Blue states won’t sell you the 1:100 variants because Ramos and Perez won’t let them.

  2. This will be the FIRST time Thanos has died (in this post-Secret Wars Universe)!
    In all seriousness, it’s well-known canon that Thanos is repeatedly rejected by Death both figuratively and literally. This is probably what, his sixth death? Starlin added a couple last year with his OGNs.

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