Free Comic Wednesday: M&M Comics Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #1 Set

Thanks to  M&M Comics‘ for sponsoring this Free Comic Wednesday! up for grabs tonight is a set of Justice League vs Suicide Squad #1 Chad Hardin Variant. One winner gets the full set!


M&M Comics sent us this great set as a giveaway. But you just have to follow a few simple rules.

  1. No purchase necessary, but please visit M&M Comics as they are great guys
  2. Enter your name in the comment section below. (if this is your first time entering it may take some time for your comment to appear)
  3. One entry per person, it makes it easier to sort through the names.
  4. Winner picked at random and name will be posted next week
  5. Winners have 48 hours to contact us at the email posted in the Winner post, and then another winner will be drawn,
  6. Books ship free in the US, foreign winners agree to chip in for shipping (I am not made of money)

That’s it. Good luck to every one.


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