Mel V’s Variant Picks of the Week for 1/25/17

What up CHU? Mel V. back at you with more variants!

WHEW! what a week last week huh? Variant collectors were out in full force trying to hunt down the Gamora and Mighty Captain Marvel variants. Not to mention the one-per-store WWE, Batman I am Gotham Vol. 1, and Curse Words variants. I do love a good hunt and this week its a couple worth being hunted. So lets get into the getting into

Batman 66 Meets Wonder Woman 77 #1 Cover B Variant Alex Ross Cover – Alex Ross is just about a HIT every time he lays brush to paper. Batman 66 meets Wonder Woman 77 is such a cool concept and this Variant does a great job of capturing all that cheesy TV glory.

Deadpool Vol 5 #25 Cover E Incentive Mark Brooks Variant Cover – Fell in love with this when I first saw this 1:50. This one could be tough to track down and only one of eBay as we speak. Yes this would look great on a T Shirt. So you already know what it is…. BUY! Variant pick of the week here! Sold out at Midtown last week when the image leaked.

Hulk Vol 4 #2 Cover B Incentive Elizabeth Torque Variant Cover – I really enjoyed the first issue of this relaunch and I really like the animated/almost animie look She…I mean “The Hulk” has to her.

KISS The Demon #1 Cover H Incentive Gene Simmons The Demon Photo Variant Cover Signed By Gene Simmons – A Must for any KISS fan ..The Demon aka Gene Simmons SIGNED

Savage #3 Cover E Incentive Lewis Larosa Sketch Cover – Issue 1 and 2 did well in the aftermarket, history tells us that print runs fall around issue 3, this could be a serious ghost 1:50. None listed on eBay right now.

Slayer Repentless #1 Cover B Variant Eric Powell Cover – Don’t know much about the group Slayer..but this cover is bad arse done by Hillbilly’s Eric Powell

Untamed II #2 Cover B Variant Jae Lee Cover – NIOBE by Jae Lee …sweet and savage rendetion by the legend Jae Lee


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18 Responses to Mel V’s Variant Picks of the Week for 1/25/17

  1. agentpoyo says:

    I think I nabbed the last one off Midtown for the Deadpool Brooks variant. After I purchased, immediately refreshed and they showed out of stock. Sorry for anyone who missed out on it.. (Actually I’m not that sorry, suckers!) 🙂

    • Barry W says:

      Poyo the dead eyed assassin takes no prisoners 🙈

      • agentpoyo says:

        I was scrambling too.. apparently if you put in your CVV code wrong, Midtown will redirect you to a page that says there was a problem and you must contact customer service. Then it dumps your cart and your order shows up as “rejected” or something like that. I had to quickly go back, add the comic and the other things I wanted and check out all over again..

    • melthemovieguy says:

      I got mines in the mail today ..they shipped it in a box ..inbedded within big arse bubble wrap ..could of bent the book …but it survived

  2. Mel V says:

    Lol coldblooded

  3. Donato Congialdi says:

    I’m sorry,is it just me or does that Hulk variant look like Michael Jackson….lol..

  4. The Authority says:

    Love the Batman/Wonder Woman cover. Pure gold…or fool’s good. Either way, I’m getting it.

  5. Barry W says:

    Nice pics Mel. Quick question for the floor: do retailers get a heads up on what the incentive variants will be before they order from Diamond?

  6. emiobeg says:

    I got my Slayer Variant and Mel V. needs some Slayer into his life 🤘

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