Fox Casts Blink In Un-Named X-Men TV Show

According to, Fox has cast Jamie Chung as Blink in the yet to be named X-Men TV show.

Blink first appears in Uncanny X-men #317


FOX’s X-Men pilot has added a big name to its yet untitled Marvel project, and longtime fans of the Exiles and Age of Apocalypse should be quite happy.

FOX has added Gotham star Jamie Chung to the been cast as the teleporting mutant known as Blink (via Deadline). Chung has had a successful run on Gotham as Valerie Vale, but the character’s arc came to a somewhat natural conclusion (thanks to the Mad Hatter), and this casting signifies she is unlikely to return for awhile.

Blink played a pretty hefty role in Exiles… Wonder if this could be the un-named X-Men title. They would have to do some cast changes for some of the line ups though.


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4 Responses to Fox Casts Blink In Un-Named X-Men TV Show

  1. JayClue says:

    I literally just bought Uncanny X-Men #317, along with #316 (1st Monet) for cover this past Saturday. 🤗

  2. Bob Dobalina, Mr. says:

    Given the description of the show, I’m leaning toward Gen X but Exiles could work with some changes. UXM 317 is 1st Clarice Ferguson, Skin and 1st unnamed Gen X Team. X-Men 37 is 1st Clarice as Blink. There are non premium versions of them as well.

  3. R says:

    Why is everyone going crazy for this book? Blink already made her big screen appearance in Days of Future Past and we all know how that went.

    • Anthony says:

      Not sure everyone is going crazy over the book. It is selling but not going for crazy prices. But you are correct she has made her big screen appearance. I am just more curious on what direction. They are taking the show. Would love to see the time traveling Mutants of Exiles on Tv.

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