New Comic Spec Review Video for 5/31/17

Each week Anthony from and Terry Hoknes from have a weekly video char where they discuss the weeks hot new releases. Here is this week’s for delivery 5/31/17

We are looking at a small week this week as it is the “fifth week”, or fifth Wednesday of the month. Still, some new books worth looking at as well as our weekly news wrap up.



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8 Responses to New Comic Spec Review Video for 5/31/17

  1. michael cox says:

    How about Little Nightmares #1 ,video game tie in and 5 different covers all sold out a Midtown

  2. Dewayne Scott says:

    Excellent review and I have that Goonies shirt in Black and white. Will also now be looking for it in Red and Black. 🙂

  3. dave says:

    i wonder how paklis #1 from image will do. a hunch here.

  4. Eric R says:


    Quick question on the Spawn Retailer Appreciation? Do you know if all those books are signed by McFarlane or just a limited amount? I’m having a tough time finding out.


    • Anthony says:

      Nope. thy are not that I believe. Check the picks of the week in about 8 minutes I linked to them

      • Eric R says:

        The reason I ask is that a copy that I saw had McFarlane’s signature in red marker in the inside front cover. Didn’t know If he randomly signed copies or the whole run of them.

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