Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 72

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. I want to wish you all a happy new year, may all your dreams come true. Thank you all for everything, as it is one of the greatest blessings in my life doing these.
Doomsday Clock #2, Batman White Knight #4, Deadpool #291, Batman #38, and the Super Sons series as a whole were my reads of the last few weeks. The Gifted and Happy are the best two shows on TV right now and need to be checked out. The new X-Files too. I still need to see Star Wars the Last Jedi. now lets make some money on comics cause you can’t teach that.
1. Spidey Super Stories #31 – I love this series. Just more great bronze age fun. This has a Star Wars #1 homage cover and super stories in high grade are difficult to find, especially the back covers, because of the damn cut out stamp $5-10
2. DC Year of Change #1 – this is the true first appearance of Static. Came out before Static #1 I want static to make a come back as the animated series was a blast. He would fit in well on the live action Titans show some day, or the upcoming Black Lightening. $25 and up
3. Amazing Spiderman Annual #16 – It was announced that the character Monica Rambeau will be in the Captain Marvel movie. Here is her first appearance.
4. Wolverine and Kitty Pryde Mini Series – So Kitty Pryde is getting her own movie. Why give Kitty Pryde her own movie? She would be perfect for the Gifted show but for a fox movie? Kitty Pryde takes the name Shadowcat in this mini series and she gets ninja training. Could be fodder for the movie. The entire set goes for like twenty bucks tops
5. Amazing Heroes #46 – first preview of Power Pack. One day Power Pack will have it’s day in the sun. Plus, it features a cover image of Amazing Spiderman #252. Amazing Heroes is so worth the investment $10
and up
6. Marvel Age #6 – this is the first Beta Ray Bill. It pre dates Thor #337. marvel age is another great cheap spec game waiting to explode just look at #41&138 the stan lee&deadpool covers $10 and up
7. Uncanny X-Men #257 – Legion, The Shadow King, and Polaris, all the best X-Men shows in one comic plus Jim Lee art as well #awesomesauce $5-10
8. Uncanny X-Men #269 – another Legion and Polaris appearance fighting the The Shadow King, Jim Lee art, and it is cheap as all heck $5-10
9. New X-Men #118 – I mentioned this a few times but now I am in the market for this book. The Stepford Coo-Coo’s first appearance. The Gifted is #awesomesauce. The Coo-Coo’s, the three in one is the best thing of the show, now they need cosplay love. This book is a steal at $5-10
10. New X-Men #134 – this might be an already talked about book, and I am not sure who to give credit to for it, as I googeled Quentin Kid Omega’s first appearance and a bunch of stuff came up so if anyone on any other site talked about this first thank you. The reason I am pointing this out is the Gifted trying to think who they can add for season two and Quentin Kid Omega came up $10, plus any issue in the Grant Morrison run should be snagged up now as the run is so so cheap and loaded with keys
11. Omega Men #2 – first cameo of Lobo. This issue features the cover to #3. So cheap, and needs a pimp slap to the next level in price $5-10
12. X-Factor #87 – classic story with Doc Sampson having coach time with X-Factor’s Polaris. The Gifted is the bomb. Cheap book in the wild, $5. I think as a joke I will put it on the all as a $10 book and see what happens
13. Top Ten #12 – ABC Comics, whatever happened to that line of books? (DC bought Wildstorm and Alan Moore checked off is what happened.) Looks like ABC Characters are coming to the DCU, Promethea and Tom Strong have both been mentioned. Low print run and Alan Moore is still a cry baby. I so want to try and see
what would happen if I gave him a copy of Doomsday Clock to autograph. $5-10 on this great book
14. Action Comics #904 1:10 Doomsday Variant – final issue before the New 52. Doomsday cover, the Krypton show from SY-Fy will have Doomsday in it, and this cover is #awesomesauce $5-10
15. Happy #1 Forbidden Planet Variant – Happy is the best comic book show on TV. Grant Morrison is a god. The holy trilogy of writers is Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, and Geoff Jones. #testify. Like what kind and how many drugs gives you this crazy tale of a talking horse and an evil Santa Claus $20
16. Howard the Duck 7-11 Cup (1970’s) – the days of the Big Gulp when you got really cool collectible cups needs a major come back. Like 7-11 you have Deadpool Pops, but why not a damn cup? These Marvel cups from the 1970’s go for some nice money $20 and up
17. Ren and Stimpy #41 and #42 – I love Ren and Stimpy, it was the Rick and Morty of it’s day. I can’t believe the Marvel series lasted for#44 issues. All the issues in the 40’s had very low print runs and I never find them in the wild $10-25. happy happy joy joy
18. Giant Sized Astonishing X-Men #1 – Kitty Pryde gets trapped in the Break World Missile. Kitty Pryde movie announced. This is in dollar bins get em now
19. Marvel Two-in-One #100 – the new Marvel Two-in-One is #awesomesauce. I loved the original series. Most issues are very cheap and the series is littered with keys, but the final issue is a must. Most final issues of older series are low printed and hard to find in nice grade $3-5
20. Uncanny X-Men #139 – Kitty Pryde joins the X-Men? Like, how many code names did Kitty have? What one will the movie use? I think Shadowcat is the sure bet $20 and up
It is nice to be back in the saddle. It is nice to have a working computer again, I have missed you guys. I love you all have a great week
blind adam the comic pimp out

5 thoughts on “Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 72”

  1. Great picks Adam. Thanks for sharing. I also love X-men #139 (I love all those bronze age X-Men issues by Byrne and Claremont).
    But I have to disagree about Omega Men #2 — it only has an ad for Omega Men #3 (Lobo’s actual first appearance). #2 doesn’t count as a first Lobo issue because it’s only an ad for the next issue.

  2. BLINd Adam, another great week of giving us books to find. The DC Year of Change being the most interesting to me with that Static first appearance. I love seeing your crazy filled lists each week and being able to say check, check, check. The even more fun part is giving me something new to look for. If you’re ever in Las Vegas, drop me a line and I’ll point you to the best stores to go shopping. Heck, we can even go get a beer sometime in between buddy.

  3. Amazing Spider-man Annual #16 is looking like it will be a good one to pick up! I haven’t seen any official announcements that “Monica Rambeau” will be a character in the Captain Marvel movie but the casting of DeWanda Wise in a co-staring role sure does hint that is going to be the case! She totally looks the part! When I first read about the the casting I picked up five of ASM Annual #16 in high grade on the cheap. Might pick up one or two more. Still some good prices out there and I’m sure more than a few local comic shops will still have this in their bins. For those who don’t know, the character Monica Rambeau is friends with Carol Danvers and was the first female to temporarily become Captain Marvel. She later became Photon (Avengers Unplugged #5) and later Pulsar (New Thunderbolts #9) and finally Spectrum (Mighty avengers vol 2 #1). It just makes sense that Monica Rambeau would see some screen time in the Captain Marvel film. A very established if not well known character in the Marvel U.

    1. Well, I just checked online prices for ASM Annual #16 and it looks like people are wising up to this book heating up as all the cheap Buy it Now options have been purchased on Ebay. Even Amazon is out of all the cheaper options. I didn’t check every offering of course so there still may be some bargains out there, but they are few and far between. Local comic shops would be the best option for this book now. Mile High seems to have some in stock at “OK” prices if you use their oh so secret discount code word, but they are iffy with up to date stock and it takes them forever to process an order, so even if you order them by the time the order is processed the book may have already been purchased in store or by someone who checked out a few hours or even a day earlier than you. That’s always a risk when you buy a hot book from Mile High.

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