Joshua Williams’ Skybound Series “Birthright” writers Optioned.

I have been saying this for a long time, but Birthright at Skybound would end up optioned. The announcement has come out today that Rober Kirkman and Despicable Me writers Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio, are addapting Birthright for a movie.

Copies of Birthright #1 sold quickly on eBay. There are still cheap first prints of #1 at There was the regular cover of Birthright #1, the NYCC, and a later Skybound Fifth Anniversary Variant
From The Hollywood Reporter:

Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio, the writers behind the Despicable Me movies, are teaming up with Robert Kirkman and his Skybound Entertainment to adapt fantasy epic comic book Birthright.
The project just got set up at Universal via Skybound’s first-look deal with the studio. Kirkman, who is also the creator of The Walking Dead, will produce along with the company’s David Alpert, Bryan Furst and Sean Furst. Jeb Brody (The Mummy, Fifty Shades of Grey) will also produce.
Written by Joshua Williamson and drawn by Andrei Bressan, the comic centers on the Rhodes family, whose young son disappears while playing outside. A year later, a grown man appears claiming to be the son and saying that he has been on another world, ushering the family on a fantastical quest to discover what really happened to their son.
Birthright joins as the third feature project to fall under Skybound’s partnership with Universal. Other titles under the deal include Robert Kirkman’s long-running comic series Invincible and the Skybound/Image comic series Kill the Minotaur.
Paul and Daurio are best known for their work in the family-friendly animation field. In addition to helping steer the Despicable franchise, they worked on Horton Hears a Who! and The Secret Life of Pets, among a slew of others.

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      1. For sure. Cash in while you can. For a series that had so much potential, it moves far too slow. I debate dropping it every month. I keep it because “well, they published my email”. Do I owe them?!?!!

    1. Is it? I don’t see that stated in announcement. It alludes to Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio working on animated films in the past, but it feels like that is just to establish their credit, not the Birthright film format…

  1. There’s a sketch cover to the NYCC variant, which I imagine is the lowest printed cover of the the first issue. There were 27,234 copies sold according to Comichron.

    1. That is some dedicated spec’n, AKing. Two years + of collecting the series simply for spec.. i would have bought 25 #1s instead of #1-#25 for spec purposes.

  2. I wasn’t going to pick up any issue #1’s due to the price spike by the time I found out but one dealer on Ebay put a bunch up for three fiddy each so I bought three of them… More food for the “option box”.

    1. That dealer sold 25 (at 3.50 each) in less than a half hour. Haven’t seen an option spec sell out that fast in a while! Should have gotten four…. Oh well, three is fine.

    1. That’s amazing news! hard to top the dildo scene from last week! OMG I spit out my beer across the room when that happened! I have every issue and variant of Happy in CGC 9.8 except the Morrisoncon which is on it’s way to get slabbed, wish me luck for my perfect set 😀

    2. I was wondering how they were going to do that too but then again, they could just come up with new stuff just for the show. I’m hooked so far, show is great. I hope SyFy does the same quality for Deadly Class by Remender.. Maybe SyFy can become the next AMC with great shows from comics.

    1. Yeah, that was the same dealer that was selling them for 3:50 at first. He sold through the 25 he had $4.95 fast as well. Now he has more at $8.95 that is almost sold out. He must have had a ton of back stock on this. Either knew it was going places or is relieved to get rid of all that overstock.

  3. My comic shop had some 9.8 for $50. I kept passing by them saying one day I’ll get one for the PC. To late now. They probably raised the price.

  4. I just dug mine out, 5 of each #1 and a NYCC variant. Slabbing ’em for sure!
    as far as Williamson books go, Nailbiter was the shit and would make a killer TV series, no pun intended

  5. I just bought a copy from MCS
    last month with an order I placed for $4. I have heard for the past few years that it was a great read and would be only a matter of time before it was optioned. I had good timing. Bummed I didn’t buy them out!!!

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