Venom Teaser Trailer Hits Web

Waiting for the trailers can be just as exciting as waiting for the movie. Venom finally gets it’s first teaser trailer. Check it out below:


23 thoughts on “Venom Teaser Trailer Hits Web”

  1. Personally…I think this has great potential! I like the trailer. Shows just enough to make you want more. Tom Hardy is Bad@$$. I just hope Marvel doesn’t screw this up.

      1. If you don’t know who Venom is and watched this trailer. You would probably think it’s a Terminator sequel or a mental institution horror/drama trailer.

      2. I agree with Poyos synopsis. This is building suspense. Who is this? What is this? I know who this is and what it is, and i still wanna know more. I think it has superbly executed its job for people who are familiar, and those who arent, alike.

  2. I’m a big Tom Hardy fan. So I’m sure I’ll be seeing this. It seems like it’s coming out really soon, it seems like it was just a couple of months ago when we heard he was cast to play Venom.

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