Four Mattin Covers for Spawn #285

Francesco Mattina has been doing great covers that have been sought after. Lately, he has been putting out some great cover price covers as well. For Spawn #285, he has 4 cover variants. Check them out below.
Spawn #285 will be out May 2, 2018.

– The regular A cover is a split between Spawn’s mask and his zombie skull face.

– The Mattina B Cover is just the mask side.

The C Cover features the unmasked face.

The D cover is the virgin variant.

15 thoughts on “Four Mattin Covers for Spawn #285”

  1. Really! What a joke. I know everyone wants Mattina art. But this is just dumb! Spawn was my first comic book. And yeah I’ll pass.

  2. What’s with the 1/2 page cover art? Is that some sort of new sketch cover design? Not really sure about that and its intended audience appeal.

  3. Pure utter crap. Can the artist not think of anything with imagination??? Apart from $$$
    Another artist due for the dustbin I think. On their way out!!!

  4. As long as they’re all cover price I’ll get a couple cvr D and a cvr A.
    But yeah they’re getting out of hand with this issue. Don’t bleed people dry. Fastest way to lose them.

  5. if they are all cover price. I will buy a fw sets. and a few w extra sets. for summer cons .if they are all cover price I will buy a few sets. and a few cover ds . did 1995 not teach us anything . and I feel mantina is getting over done now . this is bad pimping and reminds me of the market say 1993-1995 before the bubble burst blind adam out

  6. I’ve been eating up all the mattina variants at 2.99 cover,price….but it’s starting to get ridiculous now. I think I’m passing on these. Big head shots are not my thing…regardless of the artist.

  7. I would thnk cover B and C are connecting covers that you connect to make a larger version of cover A. That’s would be logical thing to do… but then again money makes you do stupid things sometimes.

  8. I was really hoping they’d do top have unmasked and bottom half masked and then switch them for covers E & F. And then maybe left side masked, right side Keith Richards for Cover G. They are just so many possibilities, why did they stop there?

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