Harrow County Limited Edition Pins from Skelton Crew Studios

For all you Harrow County fans, tonight Skelton Crew released their new Limited Edition Harrow County exclusive enamel pins for sale.

I almost forgot about this set coming out from Skelton Crew. I’m a big fan of their Chew merchandise. In fact, I’m not a statue fan but I’ve bought every single resin statue they’ve put out for Chew which are first of all, really cool and high quality and secondly, usually very limited.

From their mailing list:

There are five sweet limited edition pins in all: Witchy Friends, Haint, Priscilla, Welcome to Harrow and the Tattered Skin.

Grab them solo or grab one of the 50 five-packs we’ve bundled together — you’ll save $10 AND it’s the only way, for now, to grab the Tattered Skin.

Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook’s book is such an awesome read and we’re psyched to be working with them. Really hope you dig these!

Check out the pins here:

Grab’em while you can. The Tattered Skin appears to be really limited so it’ll be gone quickly. From the email release, it’s limited to just 50 to start with. That tells us there might be more but for now, there’s only 50. Could be a quick flip for those who collect enamel pins.

Also for a brief time, Skelton is doing free shipping within the U.S.

3 thoughts on “Harrow County Limited Edition Pins from Skelton Crew Studios”

  1. I appreciated the heads-up on this because I’m a big fan of Harrow County. That said, the book’s artwork has a lot to do with the appeal and these pins sadly do not capture that aesthetic in my opinion.

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