Shirtless Bear-Fighter Vinyl Figure

Who would have thought this Image title and book would be so wildly popular that it would end up being successful enough to warrant the making of vinyl figures? Well, it was and here they are in all their glory.

There’s even a pantless variant version. That’s the one I want..  Mmm.. Hmmm…

So psyched to introduce our new Limited Edition Shirtless Bear-Fighter vinyl figure and the Shirtless Beariant (now with 100% less pants!)
He’s 8.5 inches tall, articulated at the waist and shoulders and artfully sculpted by Arlen Pelletier.
He’s also ONLY available from Skelton Crew.
Pre-order one of them by July 1 at the early bird price and receive a SWEET 12-inch plush bear rug bonus!* (click here for the pantless variant)
(*No actual bears were harmed in the making of this rug :))
Pre-order BOTH of them by July 1 and snag the early bird price, a sweet 12-inch bear rug AND a replica note from the bears to Shirtless, as seen in the comics, signed by all THREE “SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER!” creators!

So for all you fans out there can’t love them some shirtless bear fighter, now you can re-enact all your favorite scenes from the comic book with your 8.5″ action figure, that’s if you can’t resist from ordering one.
Comic Book Resources reported on this yesterday but you all didn’t know that right since CHU is the only comic book site you all visit, right?  I kid, I kid. I didn’t know this was ready for pre-order until I got the email directly from Skelton Crew today.

4 thoughts on “Shirtless Bear-Fighter Vinyl Figure”

  1. You see the new Batgirl cover I think the other one your all gaga for is going to drop like the first Artgerm Supergirl cover did after all the consecutive great Supergirl covers.

    1. Supergirl 12 is a $20 book, shipped. Not bad for an open order modern. BG23 is currently getting about $30 shipped. All in all, pretty f’n good for non key books that arent even 12 months old. Those books are Doing better than SpiderGwen 24, Alana. ?

      1. Yeah, not sure why the negativity about Supergirl #12 Artgerm cover B and Batgirl #23 Middleton cover B? They are easy sells at $20-30 a copy. Both were posted and talked about pre-foc in spec groups, so each and everyone of us had a chance to have multiple copies.
        Easy, easy money.

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