Live Action Teen Titans Trailer His Web

The live action Teen Titans tv show is coming. The first trailer hit the internet today. Check it out below and comment on what you think.

17 thoughts on “Live Action Teen Titans Trailer His Web”

  1. I really don’t want to be ‘that guy’…. Love the Titans but I’m not sure who these people are.

    Raven looks pretty close to expectations but the rest…. barf. Sorry, Dick Grayson wouldn’t say “Fuck Batman”. I would buy the line if it was Red Hood/Jason Todd.

    Why does it have to be dark and edgy? We are talking about the Titans not JL Dark. Has DC not learned from the mistakes with the movies???

    I was really hoping this would be something I could share with the kids and niece/nephew but nope. Based on the content it appears they are going for an 18-35 show. As such, it could be a steaming pile but I will hold full judgement until after I watch a couple.

    1. Yeah, it might be good and of course I will give it a chance if I decide to buy into the streaming service, but like you I am not exactly holding my breath.

  2. I was hoping that Starfire would look better in the finished product. She doesn’t. The Robin suit is only thing that seems to work.

  3. #awesomesauce. I think this might take a season to find it’s voice I don’t like the actress playing starfire but that could change once I see a full episode and it looks as raven will be the v. m.v.p. tales of the teen titans #44&dc comics presents #26 are the big pimping books so far about to nail down a hidden gems happy s.d.c.c. week

  4. They had me at “F*ck Batman”! There’s enough for Young viewers on the CW, show me the darker side of things!

  5. Man, if that’s the best they can do for a debut trailer then it’s gonna be an even bigger dumpster fire than usual for a DC Media property.

      1. The dialogue was real bad. Like, it was just a bunch of angsty one liners that fell really flat. When they had the bit about monsters I actually laughed out loud. It sounded like teenagers trying to be dark rather than actually being a darker, more adult version of DC material. Then there’s the characterization of Dick Grayson which looks way off and a lot closer to Jason Todd. Which would be fine fine, things get shifted around in media properties, except isn’t Jason Todd gonna be in the show? The cinematography is really low rent. A darkened lens won’t make up for bad CGI, and will cheapen a lot of showcasing the casts CGI dependent abilities. Also, it looks like they’re going to retread on Dick’s past. Because, you know, NOBODY knows that story and it’s super worthwhile to explore again in media. I dunno, maybe I’m wrong but this looks to have all the quality of a CW show to me. But with angst. So. Much. Angst.

        1. I wholly agree with your statement about Dick and Jason. As far as the rest of your assessment, fair enough. Cheers.

  6. It was barely up to CW standards, and just with the lights lower. They needed to put in Amazon/Netflix money to be a flagship streaming show. Why would I want to sub to this service?

  7. I wanted to really like this. Oh my. What is this? What a mess. I love the Teen Titan comic books and the animated stuff. This show however is going to suck.

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