Mitch Gerads Tweets out Batman #62 Frank Miller Variant

We mentioned yesterday that Frank Miller would be covering Batman #62‘s Killer B cover. Mitch Gerads tweeted out the cover earlier today. 
Batman #62 is out January 9, 2019.

9 thoughts on “Mitch Gerads Tweets out Batman #62 Frank Miller Variant”

    1. Miller is old and has some disease or illness, many think cancer. Saw him at NYCC this year and he is so extremely frail. His nose had a steady drip that he didn’t notice. He had a handler there that kept wiping his nose. It is sad really. Miller keeps pumping out work though.

      1. Yeah, for someone who is only 61 but looks like they’re 91, something isn’t right if you ask me. I think this was a pic from reddit user asking same thing about his health, I believe this was a pic from 4 years ago when he would have been 57:

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