Spoilers: Venom #9 New Secrets for Eddie

Venom #9 is out in stores tomorrow. It shows Eddie Brock returning to San Francisco to talk to his dad. From reading the issue I can say there are some bad things in store for Eddie. 
First up, I do love what Cates is doing with the Venom Symbiote. Not only is it a suit now, but also a sidekick.

This was pretty obvious from the cover but I think it is cool that it is walking around like a pit bull on steroids.
So, Eddie Brock goes to his old house, where is father lives. After some back and forth, Eddie’s dad thinks Eddie is a dead beat, Eddie talks about the family.

Eddie doesn’t get the reaction he thought he would get.

Eddie’s dad’s ruction gets the Venom dog wound up and it goes after Eddies dad, where someone else enters the picture…

Eddie seems surprised when the boy comes down stairs and calls Eddie’s dad….

Eddie’s dad tries to protect the boy… maybe…

Eddie ends up running away, back to the gutter with him, where we learn he has been having some problems.

And…. Someone comes to talk to Eddie…

Talks to him with a purpose.

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      1. Mmmm, cameo vs. full first then. Might want to pick up the animation variant, then, as 7 has the secret, the PX, and the CHO virgin, as well as the Battle Lines and MKXX, whereas 9 only has the Sienk. and animation to contend with should this gain any heat.

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