Spoilers: Miles Morales Spider-Man #2 Rumor of a New Character

Miles Morales Spider-Man #2 is in stores tomorrow. I have been getting messages on CHU, Youtube, and Facebook about the issue featuring a new character. Ipoured over the issue and here is what I found.

First up, the story focuses on Miles teaming up with the Rhino. Teaming up. Seems Miles and Rhino both have someone in their family who has disappeared. Through research, they found out someone ordered super suits for kids to be shipped to a known storehouse used by criminals.

There they discover…

Who was doing this….

Other than this, I did not see any new characters. Mostly background characters in the story besides Miles, Rhino, and the villain shown in the first picture,

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      1. 🙄…uuugh….Im not sure if he sounds like Tombstone. Ive never heard Tombstone speak. But he sure as hell talks like Tombstone.

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