Birds of Prey Teaser Trailer Drops

The first teaser trailer has hit the web for Bird of Prey. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

A pretty sparse teaser trailer for Birds of Prey has hit the web. Mostly focusing on Harley but several other characters shown as well. Birds of Prey first appear in Showcase ‘96 #3

12 thoughts on “Birds of Prey Teaser Trailer Drops”

  1. Holding Batman #475 and 52 #48 for this very moment… well… maybe when the trailer drops. I don’t hate where they’re going. Seems like it’s going to appeal to the younger audience which all of us aging fans are going to criticize. Guess we better start getting used to things not being made for us.

  2. So, from all that is know and shown so far where do you think this will fall under DC movies so far? For me, not looking good… all. So far nothing I have heard about this movie and now seen make me excited. Things could change but right now, meh.

    1. My list for new DC Universe films would be
      1. Aquaman
      2. Man of Steel
      3. Batman V. Superman extended cut.
      4. Wonder Woman
      5. Suicide Squad
      6. Justice League
      Even though Suicide Squad is 5th the portrayal of Harley Quinn is #1 followed by Superman and Wonder Woman in my book. So I hope this movie falls in the top 3, would put the DC movie Universe in limbo if they drop a stinker after the success of Aquaman.

      1. The problem with DC movies are the villains Justice League guy in armor, Suicide Squad guy in armor and Enchantress, Wonder Woman guy in armor, Man of steel people in suits kinda like armor, Aquaman two guys in armor and then Doomsday and hairy Luther. So if the villain for Birds of Prey is not a guy in armor it’s got a chance of being better.

  3. DC should stick to the animated movies based on classic comic storylines, it’s what they do best. Leave the live action flicks to Marvel

    1. Warner Bros. should let the creative teams do their jobs on the big screen releases, rather than only allowing the animated divisions to make decisions for themselves.

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