Kamala Khan “Is The Future” – Brie Larson ComicBook.com Interview

I stumbled across this in my news feed and found it very interesting. Perhaps it’s a clue of what’s to come in the MCU. It’s not confirmed but coming from Brie Larson could hold weight.

Brie Larson stated in a comicbook.com interview that just posted not too long ago that Kamala Khan is the future and it’s a character she would love to be side by side with in a future MCU movie.

It’s a short video but they start talking about Kamala Khan around the 2:40 minute mark in the video. Sorry, ComicBook.com doesn’t seem to have a share or embed video option.

I know her first appearance has already heated up but I don’t think it’s reached it’s peak yet. This book is going to explode once she is introduced into the MCU.

Captain Marvel #14 is considered her first appearance (which I think is more of a cameo but it’s the one that the market has decided to go for) while Captain Marvel #17 is her second appearance that commands a nice premium as well. Her First Full Appearance is considered to be in All-New Marvel Point One #1.

Always be on the lookout for Captain Marvel #17 Second Print which commands $1000 or more slabbed and in great condition.

If you can’t afford those, it’s probably wise to try and snag some Ms Marvel #1 while they’re still in the affordable range.

17 thoughts on “Kamala Khan “Is The Future” – Brie Larson ComicBook.com Interview”

      1. And I think the 1:75 mcniven variant for all new marvel now point one has the lowest print run of any of those books. And since it wasn’t considered a major key for a long time they may not have been preserved too well, hence the very low census numbers at NM or above.

        1. i just can’t stop kicking myself for not picking up 4 or 5 of those after ms marv 1 came out in 2014 and kamala became popular. since i really liked the series i wanted to pick up cap marv 17 and i remember consciously choosing to NOT buy the 2nd print because “i only want 1st prints” and “nobody cares about 2nd prints”! c’mon chris from 5 years ago, have some sense, man!

          i ended up getting one when it started to get hot and was miffed that i had to shell out $35 for a vf copy for lack of foresight. sold it for $250 a couple years later so it was still a big win but….**defeated sigh**.

          1. No regrets, you made out great. I think that’s the most frustrating part of our hobby- the missed opportunities just torture us. If the prices stayed the same for every book I’d be fine waiting years to save up for some keys, but the pressure to get everything now leads to so much heartache.

  1. glad I started buying these books around the time of marvel rising .and ms. marvel is my 4th favorite marvel book.love you guys blind adam out

  2. You should all be preordering this, War of Realms New Agents of Atlas (2019) #1 (1:25 PYEONG JUN PARK VAR)
    Will have the Marvel Furue Fight Mobile game original characters debut in comics as well as other new characters.

      1. The game is said to have 90 million players worldwide the new character Luna Snow is a Korean Kpop singer with the power to control cold with her voice and dancing. Crescent is another S. Korean that can summon a spiritual bear named Io to fight. Both characters have only ever been in the game which is made by a S. Korean company Netmarble. Also that Chinese female Ironman from the Chinese amusement ride 1st appearance may come back in play.

    1. I’m sure Marvel is trying to push their way into the Asia market place by introducing Asian based characters, but it’ll certainly be interesting to see how these new characters pan out in the comics.

      The key is, will there be demand? How will the people who don’t play the games react to them? Are the people who play the games who might not collect comics care about their first appearance in the comics and rush out to buy?

      Keep a close eye but tread carefully I say when ordering these types of books based on Huge Title Events, the print runs are usually massive and are usually easy to get, thus affecting prices when demand increases.

  3. Is now the time/last chance to grab up key Danvers Ms/Captain Marvel issues, before the movie hits next week, or will they cool off after the opening a bit? The opposite happened with Miles and that Ultimate Fallout shot up. Opinions? Poyo?

  4. Later in the interview it seems like they’re suggesting an A-Force type team. Holding those hard as I loved both series, any other books we should be looking for?

    Y’all called out All-New Marvel Now Point One 2nd Printing as one to get. That day I found two copies. Thank you again.

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