Things I Like and Don’t Like for April 3rd, 2019

It’s that time again, where I tell you what’s really grinding my gears for the week of April 3rd, 2019.

Some weeks it’s mostly likes, other weeks it’s dislikes.

So what’s grinding my gears this week?

March Madness

Okay, not comic related but last week I threw out my support for my team but sadly they forgot to show up and lost in the Sweet Sixteen. Props to the Auburn team that whooped my teams butt.

And since it was a joy to watch them beat Kentucky, I’m actually rooting for them to beat Virginia now in the Final Four.

Little Bird

Little Bird #1 (of 5)I finally got a chance to sit down and read this new Image Book and after doing so, it’s jump high on my list of new favorite reads.

Really looking forward to the upcoming issues for this series. Pick up Little Bird and read it if you haven’t done so already.

It’s a 5 issue mini-series and issue 1 is also getting a 2nd Printing.

Director/screenwriter DARCY VAN POELGEEST boasts a long list of awards and accolades for his storytelling prowess and brings the same writing finesse to IAN BERTRAM’s breathtakingly detailed artwork in the gorgeous, hyper-detailed miniseries LITTLE BIRD. With the same limitless scope as a new EAST OF WEST or SAGA and the drama and surrealism of Akira, LITTLE BIRD follows a young resistance fighter who battles against an oppressive American Empire and searches for her own identity in a world on fire.

Black Cat Ongoing Series?

Call me skeptical about this new Marvel series Black Cat. Is she villain or hero. Is this Marvel’s rival to Catwoman so they can make sexy covers to sell comics? Particularly if they’re going to draw in the J. Scott Campbell fans if he keeps doing the regular covers?

There’s an awesome looking Artgerm Variant but I don’t think this will save this series unless the writing is top notch. The success of this series lies almost solely on the writing.

Weatherman Returns

One of my favorite Image reads is returning with the followup story. The Weatherman is returning in a new second chapter.

Weatherman Vol 2 #1 (Cover A)

Nathan Bright has no memory of his alleged role in the terrorist attack that killed 18 billion people, but that isn’t stopping him from trying to atone for the actions of his past self.

Hunted by literally everyone in the galaxy, Nathan’s quest for redemption takes him to the scene of the crime-where he discovers that Earth’s not lifeless at all… it’s monstrous! This summer, writer JODY LEHEUP (SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER!), artist NATHAN FOX (HAUNT, DMZ), and colorist MORENO DINISIO (BLACK SCIENCE) return with the hotly anticipated second chapter of their jaw-dropping, critically acclaimed sci-fi sensation!

Get caught up with the first volume TPB if you haven’t read this series yet.

That’s all I got this week so far. I’ve been a bit distracted with March Madness, work and some behind the scenes stuff for CHU, so it’s a bit light this week on things grinding my gears.

Let us know what’s grinding your gears this week in the comments.

15 thoughts on “Things I Like and Don’t Like for April 3rd, 2019”

    1. That’s a loaded question. My LCS has told me the price on the 1:25, which has not been set, will be a minimum of $50 and may go higher. I realize there is demand, and I see the prices on Ebay creeping up, but as a loyal, long-time customer, I don’t want to pay that much. I have called around elsewhere, but I think the 1:25 may be tough to get if you didn’t already pre-order it.

      1. Has anyone read an advance copy of #16 yet? $50 to $60 covers the stores cost of buying the 25 2nd Printings needed to buy the copy for you plus shipping cost for getting them delivered roughly. That means they don’t have a chance of making any actual money at that price unless the 2nd Printing covers sell. I expect many have already ordered more 1st Printings than they had subscribers based on previous insanity from the series. That means unless there’s something in the content of #16 to make demand for the 1st Printing go up and/or the selling price go up, there’s no way to really expect to move the 2nd Printings. So I suspect many stores will simply not order extra copies or at least limited numbers since they can’t expect to have sales for the 1st Printings in extreme numbers above what they’d already over ordered. This in turn may turn around and have less copies of the 2nd Printing in total Printed than the 1st Printing. It may also end up with very few on the open market that weren’t Preordered. Waiting is gambling that you can find one cheaper but it could easily go the other direction rapidly starting tomorrow after FOC and content from 1st Printing is known. That brings us back to the original question, does anyone know the story content for 16 ahead of time? If there’s something special it could encourage a few more 2nd’s to get ordered today while there’s still time. I already have 50 Second Printings on order and zero expectation of moving them anywhere other than the dollar bins years from now barring something exciting jumping demand.

  1. Roy…Roy my boy, what happened? My loves and puts KY in my face, so with ya on that Po! Enjoying art and story in Spawn, especially 295. Mattina’s Spawns should be recognized regardless of copying claims. I personally think no one draws Spawn better. Grind me up, perhaps Im in the heat of the Mattina “kitchen” now because of those remarks.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly in Little Bird. Great read just screaming for an option. Will be interesting to see print run on it when numbers finally come out.

      1. For sure. It was fully returnable, too. Then again, so was Naomi, and that had low print numbers. Also, Image 1’s don’t seem to be ordered as heavily as before, like Die. So I literally have no clue where this run will end up.

  3. I think black cat will be all right .and it will make for some nice covers .money is on the table as the black cat has a lot ofminor keys from the copper age .still need to read little birds .I would rather put the money into the little giant inmortal hulk #16 variant.little giant is #awesomesauce.about to make a go fund me .love yaall blind adam out

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