One Week Later Report for May 1st, 2019

Welcome once again to the another installment of the One Week Later Report. This week we’ll cover the books released on 4/24/2019.

Sorry about the delays in some of these write-ups, been doing a lot of the backend work and maintenance for the site that’s been taking up all of my free time. That’s for those who actually read my crud..  A big thank you to those who do enjoy these.

DC Comics

The week of Naomi final printings. Sold out quickly (I keep telling you all to get those pre-orders in at the retailers to avoid missing out). Most had bumped up pre-sales on the secondary prior to release and I’m not sure about the rest of you all but the two shops closest to me had none, except one had #2 and #3 with 1 copy each, which I snagged both.

Naomi #1 Final Printing was the winner but sets of all 3 started off selling for around the mid $30 range at their peak, a bunch in the $20 range as well.

Things have cooled off however after supplies became more available and most issues are selling at a bit above cover to double cover. One sold at $11.95 but that included free shipping so one has to knock close to $3 off the profit margin on that one.

Marvel Books

Thanos #1 Zaffino Variant started off as a easy $50 book. Since then it’s settled down, probably due to availability as more made it to the shelves after release day.

I would have expected with the new Avengers Endgame just being released around the same time, retailers bumped up their Thanos orders to hopefully meet demand for the few stragglers checking out books and are not the usual weekly returning crowd to the store.

I must admit, this is a cover I’d love to grab at the right price and throw in my personal collection as a Thanos lover myself. I bet the all black cover was hard to come by in high grade a well.

Another book that sold out pretty quickly but hasn’t really caught any heat yet is Venom #13. I think it’s more of a long term hold to be honest.

Indie and Small Publisher Books

Amber Blake #2 Nodent 1:10 variant was another big win if you found it cheap and were able to flip it quickly.

Sales still anywhere between $70 to $100 on average. I actually snagged one for cover in the wild but it had a slight tear on the bottom cover, but it still sold for $35, so not a bad flip despite it losing it’s fresh mintiness.

Another IDW book that quickly became a $15 book is Ghost Tree #1.

Things have cooled a bit but most sales are still hovering around the $6 to $10 type of range, some a bit higher but a few of those are offering free shipping.

You can pre-order the 2nd print now. I haven’t read this book yet but it’s on high on the stack cause I really dig the interior artwork when I skimmed through it.

If you could find it for cover, the new GI JOE Sierra Muert #3 Swaid Variant was an easy $20 bill. Some have listed as high as $30 range but for the most part, it’s settled for about double the retail going price of $10 to $12.

That’s most of the highlights from April 24th new comic books. If I missed anything or you know of a book that’s causing a stir on the secondary market, by all means share in the comments below.

16 thoughts on “One Week Later Report for May 1st, 2019”

  1. I got one copy of the Zaffino Thanos off of Midtown, they had it at ratio which surprised me that they didn’t jack the price up. The other two I got at below ratio.

    1. Very nice. I actually visited the shop hoping to land some Thanos variants, none available. That’s how I landed the Amber Blake Nodent #2 variant… an easy $35 flip despite it having a slight tear on the bottom of the front cover. Can’t beat that…

  2. I know you just copy-paste the boilerplate for the first paragraph when you post these. Because they have all said “one week later” and then “2018” rather than “2019”. Long time visitors to the site certainly aren’t confused, but it might be good to update that boilerplate for the new folks finding CHU for the first time.

    As for what most shops ordered on MCP, I doubt there are more than 100 shops in the country that even order 10 copies of that book. The number of them ordering 50 is pretty much the chains with 5-7 stores each (whose combined orders count for thresholds) like Coliseum of Comics in Florida and the mega online dealers like Midtown and MYCS. My shop is in the top 10% when it comes to foot traffic (over 1500 people for FCBD) and we ordered 8 copies of MCP. That 1 in 50 is a ghost… at least until Diamond dumps their leftovers at $2 in a variant sale 6 months from now.

      1. Your month and day are fine. It’s the year that is a whole year off. One week ago was 2019, not 2018. If a week ago was 2018, there are a lot of back issues I would be scrambling to buy!

        But don’t feel bad. We ordered 300 copies of the Cristiano Ronaldo Striker Force 7 book for FCBD. I’ll be surprised if we give away 20 of them. What in the world was I thinking???

        1. Haha, I’m a derp. I just now caught what you were saying about the year. I was getting them in the title but not in the first part before the page break (read more) bit.. Updated now! 🙂

        2. Oh, I saw that Ronaldo Striker Force book… I could only see this being a big hit over in Europe.. you might have to pay some customers to take a copy! 😉

        3. Ughh.. I didn’t catch the year on updates the entire year so far. What’s funny is, you were the first to just now point this out 5 months into the year. 😉

            1. Haha… I think it’s funny I was updating the day but didn’t even think to change the year in it.. it’s been a busy year so far, for CHU and outside of CHU.

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