One Week Later Report for May 22nd, 2019

Welcome once again to the another installment of the One Week Later Report. This week we’ll cover the books released on 05/15/2019.

Hopefully this report helps anyone reading while picking out new books at the local shops for things to keep a look out for.

DC Books

Naomi #5 was the likely winner from DC last week but it’s still available at most retailers. Originally limited to 2 per customer at Midtown, it’s now limited to 1 per.

There was also issues with this book, with a high number of reported damages on copies.

Still not a bad pickup if she proves worthy long term and the new villain in this book sticks around as well to antagonize her for years to come.

Marvel Books

War of the Realms Spider-Man and the League of Realms #1. Is that a mouthful or what?

Anyways, not much going on for this one on secondary market but found it odd that out of all of the Marvel titles out from last week, this one seems to be the only one that’s sold out at most retailers online.

I didn’t pick this one up myself, did we happen to miss anything that might become something more within?

Indie and Small Publisher

Last Stop on the Red Line #1 from Dark Horse didn’t initially sell out online and at local shops but supplies started to dry up and now this book is reaching and flirting around the $10 mark after initial sales were just around cover price on the secondary market.

So might not be a bad pickup if you find it out in the wild. Could be a hold for now instead of the quick flip, particularly with the latest Netflix and Dark Horse deal.

That’s pretty much it for last week. The only other book worthy of mentioning is the Cave Collector AOC store variant that was ordered to be destroyed which has caused it to skyrocket in price on the secondary market.

Is it me or does May so far seem pretty sad when it comes to new comics? Just doesn’t seem to carry any excitement so far. Now we’re upon the 5th Wednesday of the month which are usually pretty lame since most publishers skip these 5th weeks.

12 thoughts on “One Week Later Report for May 22nd, 2019”

  1. I couldn’t buy much last week due to bills but when I went in and saw it my gut told me to grab the only copy my LCS had so i asked them to put it in with the rest of my pull for whenever I could come back. I remember not thinking much of it except for it being a 1st issue, it looked pretty interesting plus with all the recent Dark Horse news lately I figured why not.. my guts been more good then bad when it comes to getting some new stuff (i.e naomi #1) just goes to show ya to trust your gut 😏 or at least put it in your pull and wait a week for reviews and sales,.then either get it or put it back lol 👌

  2. I thought spidey league of realms had a first appearance rumored, haven’t picked mine up yet, but we will see

    1. @tannerboyle…At least you gave your money to a company that is promoting her brilliant ascension in politics, before you relieved yourself. You know, tanner, if you wanted to piss on photos of AOC, you could have saved yourself the trouble of giving your money to her cause, by printing something off of the interweb and pissing on that. But Im sure your money will be used to make and promote more sensational AOC covers for many more comics. AOC thanks you for your support, tanner.

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