MARVELous Monday

This Monday is Memorial Day 2019. A day we remember and honor those who have fallen in battle, defending our great nation. So I browsed and picked a early Marvel book before they were even using the name Marvel that sticks to the theme for this Memorial day.

This week we go back to 1952. The comic is War Adventures on the Battlefield #1. This was a time when Marvel went by the name Atlas.

I’m a war reading and watching junkie myself so reading this weeks Marvel book is a reminder to all those who served and died.

These stories depict the Korean War as it was published during this time period that lasted from 1950 to 1953.

With 5 standalone stories within this first issue, it covered a lot of the different scenarios our men likely experienced during and on the battlefield.

The first story titled “5 Hours ‘Til Dawn” covered 5 men stranded and surrounded in a foxhole on the front lines. Thinking there was no way out and with dawn upon them, they all figured they were all dead men but as daylight breaks, they find a reprieve of their likely doom they were certain of.

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  1. The moral behind the ‘A Waste of Time’ story is a lesson that frightfully seems to be lost in todays world.

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