Silver Surfer Black #1 – Comicspro Variant by Adi Granov

Just a heads up, the new Silver Surfer Black #1 Comicspro Variant by Adi Granov next week is actually a limited variant of just 3,000 printed.

Midtown has listed their books for next week and has this new Silver Surfer Black at just a bit over cover price.

Could be the sleeper hit of the week next week so make sure you add it to your cart on your Midtown purchases. The only other retailer I’ve found that has them listed is Forbidden Planet in the UK at a bit over cover as well.

Join us on the forums where we started a conversation about this book.

Some pre-sales on eBay for Silver Surfer Black #1 Comicspro Variant by Adi Granov have already sold at $40.


8 thoughts on “Silver Surfer Black #1 – Comicspro Variant by Adi Granov”

  1. Also available at cover price from Friendly Neighborhood Comics in Bellingham MA 508 966-2275

  2. Really Appreciate how this site goes the extra mile to not only post this info but the links as well I’ve gotten many books through these links especially the Midtown signed books . Just wanted you to know we appreciate it

    1. Cool deal.We live in information world…. Providing no links is just absurd to me. I just wish Midtown would cut me a piece of the pie from all the business we send their way. 😉

  3. Yeah, Midtown doesn’t list the Comics Pro variant when you do a search for Silver Surfer Black, so, hell yes, Big Thanks, for the link! I grabbed one of those Parel incentives, too.

  4. watch the joe jusko variant as well . – silver surfer 4 homage . even the trade variant is lower @ 2000

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