Robert Kirkman’s Oblivion Song Option at Universal for Movie

Deadline is reporting that Robert Kirkman’s Oblivion Song has been picked up for a movie at Universal.

Characters and concepts involved first appeared in Oblivion Song #1

From Deadline:

Skybound Entertainment and Universal Pictures said Tuesday they are developing Oblivion Song, a movie based on Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici’s sci-fi comic book series. Sean O’Keefe, who penned the upcoming Peter Berg-Mark Wahlberg pic Wonderland, will write the script.

Published by Skybound and Image Comics, Oblivion Song premiered at a monthly series in March 2018 that was written by The Walking Dead creator Kirkman and illustrated by De Felici. The story takes place one decade after 300,000 residents of Philadelphia suddenly were trapped in Oblivion. Frantic recovery efforts were launched by the government, but, after a few futile years, they were abandoned. Nathan Cole, however, hasn’t given up. He risks his life again and again trying to save those lost souls in Oblivion’s apocalyptic hellscape – but is that the real reason he can’t resist the siren call of the Oblivion Song?

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  1. the 80k-90k print run hurt spec alot, but the limited collectors foil edition is incredible spec. only 1k made

    1. There’s two other’s, the limited one per store gold foil and the one included in the boxed sets with the statue, maybe silver foil but it’s been a while since I sold my set. There’s also the pink signature #1’s also in unknown qty. I found 1 out of 150 copies of the standard cover.

    1. You’ll have to add up about 8 months of Comichron sales #’s for Oblivion song #1 to get close. It took a long time to sell out due to the overproduction but now it finally has and the $1 reprint’s sold out also. #2’s still in stock at Diamond right now.

    1. If you read thru to issue 7 I believe, it reframes the story and makes you want to reread the series from the beginning under a different view. #12 does that again in a way with another twist. I actually think it’s going to make a better movie than comic since I don’t particularly love the art from the comic itself and prefer the clearer visuals. It’s currently the heaviest subscription title we carry although DCeased may have gotten close to the total for subscriptions recently. I’ll have to count.

        1. Batman’s only got 2 subscribers here, Amazing hover’s around 3. Not even in the same ballpark as Oblivion Song. It had a huge jump on at the beginning for people wanting to have them just in case they made a movie or TV show. Most are still along for the ride since the story has been okay. Batman and Amazing combined wouldn’t be a top 10 subscription here. Even I gave up reading Batman after the wedding lie.

          1. I keep hearing more and more that it’s the independents keeping a lot of folks into comics. They acknowledge the attraction to DC and Marvel with the big titles, but the stories keep disappointing many.

            1. I can say with certainty that that is not the case in my area. I have over 10 shops within an hours drive of me, and probably 6-7 carry very little indie books. Most carry zero indies outside of some Image titles. And most shops have heavy ‘big 2’ subscribers. It does make sense that certain interests would be localized. Given how diverse the material is, and how small the community is. I used to read a lot more indies but I read super heroes almost exclusively now and I can see how the content, for the most part, is not on par with the cover price. But, there are still a nice handful of good stories going on in the big 2 at any given time.

              1. Marvel killed the comic reader base for an entire generation when they shut down newsstand distribution. That was the end of 1991. By 1995 no stores anywhere within 50 miles had comics for sale that I know of. Children have been born, grown up and are now having children themselves without having ever had a comic book in their hands. I’ve basically been rebuilding the market for the last 7 years almost from scratch. Image is the 3rd biggest publisher and Walking Dead and Oblivion Song have been the two biggest sellers from them. Walking Dead had a popular TV show making it an easy title to get people reading and subscribing, especially with the continual increase in back issues selling prices.

                Marvel runs people away steadily stopping and starting but still pulls about 40 to 50% of all sales monthly and all subscriptions but with over 100 comics a month frequently they don’t stack up deep subscriptions for most prior to getting cancelled again. an easy example is Darth Vader. The 1st series was one of the top subscriptions and frequently a top 10 seller at Diamond. When they cancelled the series and went some time before restarting, a number of people disappeared or never picked it up again even though I feel it was a better story the second time. They also keep shotgunning a barrage of Star Wars titles so many people gradually stopped all of them as it became too many. other tiles come out with great stories and develop a quick following like Uncanny X-Men but they just can’t leave well enough alone. we’re about to have Uncanny cancelled and HOX and POX taking their place and only about half the Uncanny subscribers have committed to HOX & POX. Even if HOX & POX are great, history says they’ll swamp us with additional titles and crossovers soon afterwards and people will have to skip some since they can’t afford them all.

                DC was doing nothing here prior to Rebirth which created a big wave of new excitement and subscribers but it gradually calmed down over the next couple years while the titles seem to really be going nowhere. Even the flagship one’s that had hopes up like Doomsday Clock got dragged out to appear to be taking over 2 years to get 12 comics out the door. The pace is so slow the excitement was lost. Bendis in particular took away the Super Sons and aged Superboy needlessly. We now have only one subscriber left for Superman and the only time shelf copies really move is when someone thinks they see Naomi on the cover. Batman not getting married pissed off a bunch of us. They keep throwing out other Batman books like Damned that got a bunch of subscribers due to #1 going crazy price but how long have they made us wait for #3 while editing #2 to take out the nudity. Now we have smaller Black Labels but they’re still messing up putting them out in Prestige format so if we want to read the books we damage them doing so!!??? Harley had some life but they went too long without another movie so that one’s lost a lot of followers. The other’s never really had any movie traffic showing up to get comics. I like the direction they’re going in now assuming it doesn’t end in closing. Less titles, less covers and try to make what’s coming better quality. We’ve still got to spend the same amount of money to maintain the discount levels. Terrifics, Shazam, Freedom Fighters, DCeased, Batman who Laughs, things people want to read.

  2. Wasn’t this book announced it was going to be a movie before the book even came out? I definitely remember a picture of Kirkman milking a cow when this was discussed back then.

    1. This is the first announcement I’ve seen and I’ve been waiting impatiently since they announced #1. I was expecting an announcement last year.

    2. vaguely remember something but then again almost everything gets optioned theses

      shocked skinemax has not picked up zombie tramp

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