Spoiler Alert: Walking Dead #193, Possibly The Biggest Spoiler Ever

Walking Dead #193 is in stores Wednesday , and by far, this is possibly the biggest spoiler we have ever run for a Walking Dead issue in the many years we have been running them. Check it out below:

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46 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert: Walking Dead #193, Possibly The Biggest Spoiler Ever”

    1. To bad he couldn’t put Rick waking up in the hospital bed to end the story like everyone has told him it was going to be and he hates so much. Because when you look at the whole story and how Michonne finds her daughter and is a Grandmother and Carl has a kid by the end of the story it makes sense for it all to be a dream while Rick was in a coma. Wakes up to Michonne and Maggie as nurses and Glenn and Hershel’s doctors Negan as the jaintor.

        1. then the tornado!…Maybe the tornado was in a coma too…. Hmmm, have they done a Zombie OZ yet? Blood thirsty, undead Oompa Loompas sound fun.

  1. Yet there are a world of people still in denial this is happening even though some retailers have the book IN THEIR HANDS TODAY!

  2. I remember reading somewhere that publishers are fined and reprimanded, by Diamond or some overseeing body, for soliciting comics they don’t actually intend to publish.

    Are Image likely to face some kind of punishment for soliciting non-existent issues of “Walking Dead?”

    1. Diamond’s also supposed to be busting anyone displaying or selling it prior to Wednesday and taking away their Day Early Delivery status.

  3. Last issue has no keyness other then being the last issue. Print run will be higher from the recent death of Rick pumping books so not going to have a low print last issue situation that usually drives last issue sales. Probably get a $20 bill this week, will be below cover in 4 months.

      1. I am interested and in seeing what value #1 and #19 hold long term. The series is an all time classic, as far as comic books go, imo.

        1. I sold my #19 right before WD really started to drop. I missed out though, this one peaked at like $400 to $600 at one time, even raw from what I recall. I had to settle for $200 for mine and it still took me 3 months to sell.

  4. I would have let you guys know whats up i just dont pay the extra money to get my shipments early…

  5. 193 has now sold out at Diamond it appears. I’m betting the 2nd Printing when announced will be at double the cover price since the issue is double thick. DC did that back with the reprints of Rebirth.

  6. this will be a $50 bill by sdcc.i will bet pizza hut &l.d.s on it.#testify.wouldn’t be surprised if there is a sdcc variant fo rit as well. love you all blind adam out

    1. I’d be happy if it parked at $10 plus shipping consistently in demand for a half year or so. I expected the issue would have something big in it, maybe a 1st or two for new players but with the 100% Returnability option and coming on the tail end of 192 I expect the print size would jump enough to keep it down. Even the overprint size feels like it was larger than normal based on it taking me over 12 hours to buy out the extras at Diamond. I’m thinking they double the price of the 2nd Printing to $7.99 since it’s a double sized book and 1st’s park a little higher than that at the $10-15 range for a while. Who knows how long it’ll take to empty out mycomicshops supply or where they will park at but $7 to $8 seems to be their choice lately for up but not enough to make it E-Bay worthy. as soon as they announce an elevated 2nd Printing Price it makes no sense to keep the 1st Printings at half that!!!

      1. The solicitation for 193 is for 32 pages, not the 71 pages with Prestige/square type binding it’s arriving with. I kind of feel like I should be requesting a freight credit for getting twice as much weight shipped to have to pay for than was advertised to expect.

  7. I was talking with one of the shop owners that I frequent. He called Diamond this morning to re-order and was told it was sold out. Now this is just him telling me, but he was told there will not be a 2nd printing for 193.

    Needless to say, I kinda find it refreshing that this was a surprise and no one knew until last night. While we’ve talked quite a bit about how this series has dragged in the last 1-2 years, I really liked 191-192 and can’t wait to see what is in 193. I can’t believe that it has been 16 years since issue #1.

    For better or for worse, I really liked the journey this story took me on and looked forward each month to reading it. The highs of the book (Shane’s death, Governor, Laurie’s death, Negan, Glenn’s death, et al) were some of the best that I’ve read. If you were a George Romero fan, this was like finding water in the desert in 2003.

    I’m kinda sad about it all ending. It’s like having one of your childhood friends move away when you were a kid.

    Thanks Robert Kirkman for the ride. It’s been a blast.

  8. “I was talking with one of the shop owners that I frequent. He called Diamond this morning to re-order and was told it was sold out. Now this is just him telling me, but he was told there will not be a 2nd printing for 193.”

    The sales rep at Diamond I talked to about 10AM said they wouldn’t know Image later printings until tomorrow. They reprinted 191 and 192. I can’t imagine them not reprinting 193. I’ve got customers signing up now for a waiting list in case they do since they would want it just because it would have a higher price printed on it if they go that route. I literally just talked to a guy 5 minutes ago that wants it for that reason if it does. He was preordering 193 1st print form the hundreds expected the next two weeks we ordered yesterday and this morning.

    1. Feels wrong to have a 2nd print of the 193rd book, it’s a last issue leave it that way. As I understand he stopped the comic series not because the story was over but because he has two more TWD tv shows starting soon for a total of 4 shows. If you had 4 semi hit shows you would quit writing comics as well.

      1. He does some stuff for the shows but when the wife was on Fear he had very little part in the production of the show. He might of wrote or produced some of it but not once did he ever show up on set or where they were shooting. I can’t speak on the other shows but I doubt he plays a huge part in the actual making of them.

        But money.. if writing comics makes him money that might lead to another show, that’s why he keeps writing.

    2. Why would someone want something solely in it being a higher price?

      Not following your customer’s logic…

  9. Found my copies and can confirm all the pictures and pages floating about are legit. It’s also square bound and appears to have double the advertised thickness and weight.

    Immortal Hulk 20 has every other copy with Carnage-ized Trade Dress also keeping the streak going.

  10. I just picked up a copy off Mycomicshop. I’ve always tried to pick up the issues where something big happens just for the PC.

  11. Image e-mail just now.
    Press/Media contact:
    Kat Salazar, Director of PR & Marketing

    PORTLAND, Ore. 07/03/2019 — Image/Skybound’s long-running series THE WALKING DEAD by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard has come to its conclusion with today’s #193 issue.

    This final chapter in the pop culture phenomenon was hinted at by the events of issue THE WALKING DEAD #192 and, according to Kirkman’s farewell letter at the end of the issue, has been planned and a longtime coming.

    “I’ll say it again, I love (loved… oh, god, I’m not ready for past tense) writing this series. I really don’t want it to end. In fact, I’ve been… kind of unsettled since I wrote the script for this issue. The whole thing just feels… weird,” Kirkman wrote in the letter. “In a way, killing this series has been a lot like killing a major character. Much, much harder… but the same feeling. I don’t WANT to do it. I’d rather keep going… but the story is telling me what it wants and what it needs. This needs to happen. Whether I want it or not.”

    Eric Stephenson, Publisher and Chief Creative Officer at Image Comics, added: “THE WALKING DEAD has always been full of twists, but one thing that has never been surprising is Robert Kirkman’s absolute commitment to telling the best story he could on his own terms. Other comic books traffic in the illusion of change, but Robert and his collaborators embraced actual change, so it’s only fitting that THE WALKING DEAD end by confronting the biggest change of all—a resolution to the story Robert began over 15 years ago. It’s testament not only to Robert’s and Charlie’s abilities that THE WALKING DEAD #193 is such a fitting farewell, but also to the possibilities available to anyone in the creative community when they are allowed to tell stories the way they want.”

    THE WALKING DEAD #193 is in stores today. Stop by your local comic shop to pick up the oversized issue and find out how it all ends.

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