8 thoughts on “Quick Spoilers: Go Go Power Rangers #21, A New Ranger?”

  1. Purple Ranger. Think we can get 1st cover credit for MMPR40 chrome? Multiple pages so it’s not one of those cameo things.

  2. I dunno…3 panels i’d Say full. But 2 panels (one being a character in the shadows) I’m leaning towards cameo personally. Not that it matters. Is the name Drakkon or is Jason mistaken?

    If it also came with a cover appearance I’d say it has potential….but staying away from this one… it enough meat in the bone for me. But I’ll be watching…

  3. The market will decide tomorow when it is released to the general population. Im banking on it being hot by days end and listing my extras for $$$$ on ebay 🙂

    or i could b stuck with Dollar Bin Comics … time will tell.

  4. One of the panels is a full page so that should count as the equivalent of 6 since it’s taking the same space up as 6 would have.
    He’s visually in a second panel, normal sized on a separate page.

    Voice appears on 6 different panels across 3 pages.

    6 extra copies on next week’s invoice shipping in from the 60 ordered across 3 covers. (No word yet on the late variant request for 3 20 qty variants).

    That second printing of issue 9 heated up slowly but eventually left at $15 a cover once word got around the MMPR fan base.

    1. This isn’t a new character. He’s one of the Emissaries,, who first appeared in the 2018 FCBD special. They constantly shift through various Ranger costumes.

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