9 thoughts on “Spoilers: Naomi #6, The Final Show Down”

  1. Finally here, completely disappointing and irritating while after delivering nothing close to what was expected in #6 is already promoting the next Naomi 2 mini series. he want get me again on the next one after 2 issues in a row not delivering.

    1. I don’t agree or disagree with it. Seems twisty to me and where a resolution exists it may be underwhelming. Yay! We speculators bought issues and sold and saved. That Naomi ship has mostly sailed unless you know something we don’t know here in our subdivision.

  2. I enjoy Bendis’ work. He’s taking his time developing this character which is fine with me. Not a big fan of Young Justice, but the Superman angle could be interesting.

  3. yeah, preordering action 1015 for her next appearance.

    I agree with you BJ, it was a let down in regards to what could have been done but the over all story was good. these first issues will be hot again when people who read the other comics catch wind of her and want to know where she comes from. ( im hoping)

    1. DC definitely over promised in this series as it stands in its own, but the future of this character still has much potential. I enjoyed the miniseries regardless. I’ll be picking up Action 1015 to see where this is going following.

  4. Once again, DC proves that it’s biggest strength is it’s marketing department. What a tepid story and a waste of some fantastic art. They are going to keep trying to push her, but I can’t see it happening.

  5. SPOILERS below on the SPOILER PAGE!!!!!
    She still doesn’t have a superhero name like HOPE from the X-Men.
    She does now have a super power, a shiney/glowy punch of undefined force.
    She flew short distances so either it’s a power or the suit, unexplained.
    What was that coming out the bad guys mouth? Apparently we can’t define the bad guys powers either or present them in a manner that’s visually identifiable.
    She apparently knows the bad guys a bad guy but is confident enough in her abilities that have yet to manifest or be identified, to leave the Earth to go to her home planet/alternate universe with him without a fuss?

    Bad guy capable of taking over a whole planet with a back ground of prison life watching his back is taken by surprise by a teenagers punch?
    I’m sure purple/orange vomit power guy’s tongue’s/tenticles/scarves (who knows what they were trying to draw) may give him a Second Appearance/1st Full Appearance sellability to some but he didn’t wow me at all.

    I’ve yet to sell a copy of #5 off the shelf to a walk-in, this one doesn’t scream it’s going to run out the door either especially with the extra copies added expecting the ending to deliver what #5 promised and never did.

    It is now safe to bundle and dump the last two 6 issue sets of Final Printings with #5 and #6 1sts added.

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