42 thoughts on “Spoilers: War of the Realms Omega, First Appearance of a New Hero.”

    1. I agree. This is a perfect example of what a comic book speculation site should make visible to their consumer. The first appearances are so important and desired. Thank you CHU!

  1. I wouldn’t consider this a ‘new’ hero. Valkyrie has been around before, and so has Jane. This is a 1st appearance of an old hero with a new hero name and identity, imo.
    Im trying to think of a precedent for an old hero taking up a new hero mantle.
    Dick Grayson comes to mind. 1st as Robin and 1st as Nightwing. Hawkeye perhaps. 1st Hawkeye and 1st Ronin.
    What other characters have had two distinct hero identities? I know theres lots more.

      1. Yes, Alana. However, I was looking for characters that have held the mantle of two different heroes. the majority of the Spider-verse characters were not their own distinct hero before taking on the Spidey mantle.

        1. Moonstar has been Metorite, Ms Marvel, Captain Marvel, and of course Moonstone which is powers she stole from someone else.

        2. By ‘character’, I mean the person.
          By ‘hero’, I mean the hero identity.

          Eg.1. Character = Peter Parker
          Hero = Spider-Man
          Eg2. Character = Jane Foster
          Hero = ‘Thor’ & Valkyrie

          Sorry, I see how that could be confusing. 🤷‍♂️

      1. Im looking for characters that have held two distinct hero mantles. So, yes, Sam Wilson. 1st as Falcon and 1st as Cap. Thor Odinson has, to my knowledge, never had another heroes mantle, other than ‘Thor’.

          1. What I was trying to convey (very poorly, apparently, lol) was that the secondary mantle typically does not hold up, in demand, to the initial mantle of these characters that do take on different mantles throughout their history.

          1. Hank Pym as Ant-Man, Goliath, Yellow Jacket, and Giant-Man.

            Clint Barton as Hawkeye, Goliath, and Robin.

            Simon Williams as Power Man and Wonder Man

            Carol Danvers as Ms Marvel, Binary, and Captain Marvel

            James Rhodes as Iron Man and War Machine

            Peter Parker as Spider-Man, Scarlett Spider, Prodigy, Hornet, Dusk, and Ricochet

            How many of those meet your criteria?

            1. Hank Pym. I would consider Ant-Man, Goliath and Giant-Man, as all the same character. As its the same tech he uses to achieve each of those mantles. im not familiar with Hank as Yellow Jacket, but it sounds very Pym tech to me.

              Clint Barton. A definite yes, imo, as Ronin and Hawkeye.

              Im not super familiar with Simon Williams, but Power Man and Wonder Man sound like the same hero to me.

              Carol Danvers. I see this as the same situation as Pym, Ms. Marvel, Capt’n Marvel and Binary are all essentially the same hero, in different forms.

              James Rhodes. Again, similiar situation to Pym, but I do see this as meeting my ‘criteria’. Although War Machine and Iron Man are essentially the same suit/hero, I would consider that two distinct heroes mantles.

              Petey. I dont think Pete is known as anything but Spider-Man. I do realize he has used different hero names in the past, but none of them have been for any significant amont of time, imo. IM a Spidey ‘guy’, and Pete is Spider-Man, and nobody else.

    1. A Good point. Is it a first appearance or version 2 of a first appearance?

      If the latter, I don’t necessarily want to buy it.

    2. Greer Nelson. First the Cat then Tigra.
      Bobbi Morse. First Huntress then Mockingbird.
      Julia Carpernter. First Spider Woman/Arachne then Madame Web.

  2. I’m not expecting anything from her. Was there anything else in the book worth mentioning? I underordered and had to put all mine out in the hold-boxes so none for me or the shelf and diamond’s out until the 2nd printing arrives with her on the cover. I can’t imagine 1st Jane Valkyrie being worth more than 1st Jane Thor and that one’s not even a $20 book. 1st Jane Nurse is the book to have.

    1. Leviathon according to some guessing I’m hearing.

      Apparently nothing else from the book is worth mentioning. I might reconsider picking up second printings then. I thought I saw Thori with Punisher while flipping thru a copy while bagging.

  3. Sales of variants at higher prices on ebay. Jane as Thor and Gwen as Spider ghost have been among the best selling mortal turned into super hero comics, unlike Lois Lane. Whether new valkyrie succeeds remain to be seen?

    1. I will say she’s different than any other Valkyrie with the Wings and Asgardian weapons made out of her bracelet which was made out of her previous weapon from being Thor. She does have her own title coming so we will see if she sticks around.

      1. This is true, Alana. She is a unique Valkyrie. I would very much like to see Jane take on a mantle that she can grow in and maintain over an extended period of time. If it sis this Valkyrie mantle, I hope she keeps it for a long time.

    1. Im seeing the 1:50 sitting around ratio. Cover A can be had for under cover, and a few outliers for $8-$9 for the open order variant. Im not seeing the heat on this one.

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