14 thoughts on “Spoilers: Wolverine And Captain America Weapon Plus #1, New Weapons”

    1. Stupid hand cameos. Is there a hand cameo precedent?
      Web of Spider-Man #18 & #24 1st appearance of Venoms hand. 🤣

  1. If Weapon XXX doesn’t come out with a line like “do I make you randy, baby?!” I’m going to be disappointed…

  2. The art looks terrible. Not only does Marvel give their customers the thinnest and crappiest covers on the market, they also give people some of the worst artists. Marvel used to pride themselves on their artists and now it’s that they’ll hire the cheapest talent around the globe. There’s high school kids that draw much better than this. Maybe junior high school. I can’t draw and I could maybe do this quality of work. All this plus more Marvel crappy mash up first appearances. Marvel sucks. It’s now a universe where Carnage and Venom have taken over along with the likes of 12 Spider people, Squirrel Girl and girl power, yea! Don’t make mine Marvel. Aside from a few runs (Immortal Hulk, The Visions, Donny Cates’ Thanos run) Marvel has been crap for 30 years now. I stopped collecting ASM after 35 years. DC isn’t much farther behind. I stopped collecting Batman and Detective after 35 years. As a friend has been telling he for 5 years, moderns are manufactured collectibles and Crap crap crap.

    1. @mnlakehomes…I read a lot of moderns every week. I do not agree that everything is crap. You complain about modern marvel covers being to thin, yet all bronze, silver and golden books were printed on very brittle newsprint. As shitty as as the quality is on marvel moderns, they are still better quality than any bronze, or older, book. So, i dont think that complaint holds water. Also, if they were manufacturing collectibles, then wouldnt we expect higher quality and defined print runs. Neither of which exist. Its unfortunate that you no longer like comic books, which leads me to ask why you are on a comic site if you are so disenfranchised with the medium?

      1. I see just as many issues for cover stock used out of DC, IDW, etc. It’s not just Marvel. Would it be nice if they used a little thicker stock paper or higher quality? Sure but do we want to start paying $1 or more just for higher quality paper?

        I think people tend to forget, the margin of profit on comics is small for the publishers. We consumers treat these monthly releases as collectibles while the publishers treat these as periodicals for people to read. It doesn’t matter if a book is worth $4 on release day, $40 on release day or $4,000 2 decades from now, the publisher still sold it at wholesale to Diamond to distribute.

    2. MARVEL SUCKS!!!! But i still buy Immortal hulk, Vision Thanos. LOL!! so then stop buying Marvel if you think they suck. They wont miss you.

  3. Keep what you love and sell everything else. Saves a ton of space having to be rented or purchased to store them in a climate controlled environment while helping to keep the prices on the market down thru additional shopping selections. You can never have them all unless you expect to live longer than Disney plans to allow Marvel to keep making them.

  4. Just one of those things where everyone has different tastes. Marvel will never be able to meet everyone’s needs.
    I personally really love the current Daredevil run.
    A book came out that just yesterday that clearly nobody likes but I thoroughly enjoyed…it was hokey/cheesy and full of crazy characters and color…but it reminded me of why I like comics (Secret Warps Weapon Hex btw).

    Marvel has a very diverse audience…pretty tough to produce something that will cater to the young, old, male, female, long term collector, new collector, collectible chaser, etc.

    I don’t agree with a great deal of things they do…but every time a Previews magazine comes out, I find myself saying “Oh Wow….I will def buy that” (I.e King Thor on the Marvel Side or every single issue of anything Joe Hill related that DC puts out).

    Honestly, if you don’t enjoy the new stuff…drop it all. Don’t let it stress you out. Focus on back issue bins, golden/silver age stuff and things you enjoy. Has to be some old obsolete run you haven’t run or collected you can focus on from “the good ole days”!

  5. This book is def heating up. Not many out there. Many of the lower priced listings are reorder “presells”.

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