Nailbiter, Saga, The Goddamned and More Returning from Image

New York Comic Con is always a blast, it is incredibly difficult to push through all the news as it is happening. I am running some of the highlights from the Diamond Retailer breakfast. So to start off, here are some of the announcements for returning Image titles.

CHU favorite Nailbiter, Goddamned, and Saga are some of the highlights for returning Image series. Plus as you can see below, new titles to come from some top talent.

6 thoughts on “Nailbiter, Saga, The Goddamned and More Returning from Image”

      1. I spoke to remender at a singing, asked him when S2E would be finished. He said it’s written he’s just waiting for Jerome opena to finish drawing it. So there’s the issue lol

  1. I agree about Southern Bastards! I used to love that series but with all the delays, I don’t even remember where the story is at now. Does anyone know if this will ever get finished? I really like Jason Aaron’s writing and I know things come up, but this is crazy.

    That causes me to think about other series that I really liked, but never got finished. It does give me pause to think about those series that have continually come out for long periods of time (Spawn) or were able to finish the storyline that the creator wanted (Walking Dead, Sandman, Preacher, et al).

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