Covrprice Top 10 List for 10/16/19

Since  came on the scene, they have become a go to spot for watching eBaytrends on comics. They scour thousands of eBay sales to cultivate data to spotlight the hottest selling comics. Here is this week’s Top Ten Comics: (Please note, potential spoilers do follow, and, these results are for auction that closed last week. )


Units Sold: 28
Raw Average: $7
Graded Average: $115
Reason: First appearance of Lilith and Midnight Sons

2. Wolverine #1 (1982)

Units Sold: 26
Raw Average: $35.80
Graded Average: $225 (9.8)
Reason: First Wolverine Solo Series, Classic issue.

3. Wolverine #1 (1988)

Units Sold: 34
Raw Average: $26.99
Graded Average: $151 (9.8)
Reason: X-Men resurgence going on. First Appearance of Patch. First Wolverine on-going series. Key issue.

4.THE JOKER YEAR OF THE VILLAIN #1  (Bolland Variant)

Units Sold: 44
Raw Average: $47.20
Graded Average: NA
Reason: Hard to find as Diamond and DC did not ship all out.


Units Sold: 21
Raw Average: $11.17
Graded Average: NA
Reason: Variant for popular reboot of X-Men Series


Units Sold: 25
Raw Average: $55.91
Graded Average: $150.00 (9.8)
Reason: Venomized Hulk tie in to popular Venom/Carnage crossover


Units Sold: 43
Raw Average: $15.63
Graded Average: NA
Reason: Variant for landmark Spawn issue.

8. Powers of X #2

Units Sold: 24
Raw Average: $11.25
Graded Average: NA
Reason: Reveal of Moira’s many lives

9. Undiscovered Country #1 NYCC Black and White

Units Sold: 15
Raw Average: $46.34
Graded Average: NA
Reason: Pre-release full issue of upcoming Optioned Scott Snyder/Charles Soule series.

10. Ghost Rider #1 NYCC

Units Sold: 22
Raw Average: $28.00
Graded Average: NA
Reason: Awesome looking limited variant


Runners-up to follow

21 thoughts on “Covrprice Top 10 List for 10/16/19”

  1. the classic wolverine #1 seems cheap for the mini.the ongoing has always been hot and tough in high grade question for poyo&anthony why do you give covrprice so much love and show no love to the key collector comics top 20?covrprice is hot garbage yes I said it key collector comics is a better place for this type of information then covrprice both are decent resources I just think we and when I say we I mean comics heating up should show both the key collector comics top twenty list and this covrprice top ten and the runners up list each week well off to start my day love ya all blind adam out

    1. I personally use both but it seems Key Collector already has comic Tom doing theirs. Not sure they need someone else. I like both as well as CBSI’S list. Use all the tools in the tool box.

    2. It is a simple as if you don’t like something don’t worry I’m not forcing anybody to the worst but it’s something that has been offered to me to share to our readers. Seriously there’s tons of things in the world that I do not like, but I don’t sit around complaining about them. I wish more people would use this line of thinking

      1. word brother, also why duplicate another sites efforts seeing as keycollecter sponsers ComicTom as well. Like you say, can’t hurt to have more tools in the shed.

        1. So, Covrprice is a subscription site. We partnered with them to do their top 10 and runners up (essentially a top 20) not everyone subscribed to them so we get the info out for free. It’s nothing against Nick at Key Collector or Comic Tom. I have nothing against either of them. I just have a working deal to republish the lists weekly.

          1. thats how i understood it…CHU has an agreement with CP. Not so much with KCC. Although I notice in KCC’s top 20 gives credit to CHU as breaking comic news on occasion…

            Either way…KCC top 20 is easily accessible through their app. CP you need a special email to get their top 20.

            1. KCC does use us as a source. We have no problem with that. I am friends with Nick the guy who runs it. In fact the number one book on their lost this week is Sheltered which we informed was still in the works for a media deal.

              1. Well, I was standing next to you when Ed Brisson was mentioning this. So I’d say it’s pretty credible facts.. unless Brisson comes and totally denies what he said. It’s two against one though.. we could take him, he wasn’t that big! I kid.. I kid.. I really love your work Mr. Brisson Sir.. 🙂

    3. Just pointing out that Key Collector sends out misinformation most of the time. Monstress being picked up by HBO is the most recent one. They charge people a subscription fee for what’s basically a guy sending out random spec notifications with no concrete source.

      I love what CHU does and the amount of due diligence that Tony and Poyo due when it comes to reporting spec.

  2. I have a love hate mostly hate relationship with these trends. Marvel and DC are also paying attention. Did anyone notice the Marvel Age hardcover with Black Widow on the cover? I think it drops next year. A dollar bin book for years all of sudden got hot because of movie news. I think a lot of it is fools gold but that is just me.

    A lot of X-Men stuff is going to be reprinted next year including the Wolverine Omnibus. As a collector and consumer, I would prefer the trades at this point. When a book gets hot now, a facsimile is not far behind. Fans and collectors have options and that is a good thing. What you would pay for the 1st issue of the classic Wolverine series you could buy the omnibus with all the content.

    1. “What you would pay for the 1st issue of the classic Wolverine series you could buy the omnibus with all the content.”

      I think that’s the difference between collectors and readers… I could go one step further, why pay for the omnibus when I can load up all these issues on my Marvel Unlimited app and account that costs less than omnibus costs on a yearly pay plan? 🙂

      I owe you a Black Panther #2 right? Let me hunt them down and I’ll email you.

  3. I appreciate the shared info from covrprice. If someone wants the list from key collector, it’s free. Go there and read it. you shouldn’t complain that a site doesn’t repost something you can access with 2 taps on your phone. one-stop shopping mentality has made consumers feel like they don’t have to be thankful for what a service provides, but instead disappointed with what is missing. CHU is my favorite site by far, but I still visit other ones to expand my knowledge.

  4. the key collector app is ok. the huge downfall for them is that they only put in key comic books and not the filler issues from the silver and bronze age. huge mistake on their part. how is xmen 96 a filler and then all of a sudden a major key book?? include all comics please not just the keys….that a part of how the comic book market will go down. big time.

    1. Krap Collector doesnt put all the books on their app because that would be too useful for non paying people. Krap Collector is a pump n dump app. Too much work for them to be thorough, especially when they spend all their time pumping fools gold.

      1. Well, it’s only a matter of time before someone who pays for their service buys up a book they claim is a “key” book now with a media deal or what not and it turns out fake. They better watch it, we live in a sue happy work nowadays, someone with a lot of extra time and money could pull that string if KCC doesn’t verify their spec announcements.

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