6 thoughts on “Spoilers: Immortal Hulk #26, Secrets Revealed”

  1. Dario Agger (Minotaur) first appears in Thor GoT #19. Copies seems to be moving on ebay for about 2-4x cover. Buy low, sell high.

    Everyone who looked at upcoming issues knew this character was going to make an appearance, so tread carefully.

    I’m actually interested what looks to be a new character (The Hulk That Was) coming in issue 30. Reminds me of he Mugato from Star Trek (original series).

    1. The Hulk Thar Was on the cover to IH 30 appears to be the prototype Hulk that appeared in Journey Into Mystery 62. His name was Xemnu. The issue was later reprinted in Monsters on the Prowl #11 where he was deciliter from an orange/red color to the snowy white. The prototype hulk returned in Journey into Mystery 66 and then years later he came back with a new name, Titan (taken from the original title of the story in JIM 62), in Marvel Features #3.

      1. That would explain why JIM 62 was reprinted as a true Believers a few weeks back…was wondering if they were related….the brown/orange fur through me off…

        1. “Xemnu was originally coloured orange in his first two appearances in Journey into Mystery. When these were reprinted in Monsters on the Prowl he was coloured white and white is the colour every appearance after this has been including Handbook entries.

          The original colour was used for the Jack Kirby Monster Variant Cover.

          This colour variation has yet to be addressed.”

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